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21-04-2004, 05:38 PM

1. Get a script from www.mirc.com <http://www.mirc.com> or if u want a fun script, get from www.mircx.com <http://www.mircx.com> . if u wan a script to fserve and dl stuff more easily, goto www.i-n-v-i-s-i-o-n.com <http://www.i-n-v-i-s-i-o-n.com> , for this fserving script u need mIRC 6.12 installed 1st.

2. When u start mirc, fill in the details, by click on the 2nd square button on the horizontal toolbar. make sure u fill in all details, den click on the small square button below the space where you fill in ur nick (the button with a sun logo), to fill in the server.

3. Set the server to efnet, random server. i repeat again rem to fill in ur nick, email, stuff.
connect option, then connect to irc, by pressing the 1st button on the horizontal toolbar.

4. When u are connected, click on the 3rd button on the horizontal toolbar, den enter the chan name u want to go to. in tis case, go to #mediaplace.

5. When u are in there, there are a lot of ways to get the files u want.


1) !list to show all the servers serving in that chan

2) @find to find watever file u want.
for example if u wan ultra mp3, type @find ultra mp3.
den fservers wif the file will msg u automatically.

3) !(name of fserve) to go to the list of all the files that fseve has.
for example, a fserve by the name of 123, type !123 to get to his files list.
type !list in chan window also lets u see details of ALL the fservers, like !(name of server), /ctcp(name of server).

4) /ctcp (name of server) some fservers share files using ctcp commands, meaning they will msg u when u type the ctcp command. juz copy and paste the whole ctcp line, and place in main window.

TIP: highlighting txt in irc automatically copies it, press ctrl + v to paste!

to get files in /ctcp, type in the CHAT WINDOW wif the fserve;

1) shows all the files and folders the fserve has
2) to see all folders, type dir.
for example...
when u type dir, it shows tis...


type cd games to go into games, cd xxx to go into xxx folder.
NOTE: files are small letters, capital letters are folders!
3) to go to a previous folder, type cd ..

4) type get xxx.xx to get the file in the list.
for example :

movies1.rm 100kb

u type get movies1.rm to get the file, dont type the file size. the fserve will then put u in queue no. to get the file. the more people getting files the longer the u haf to wait. !list will show the queue status of fservers.

with that, i haf covered on how to use mIRC to get files u want. here are some places to get files and chat on nokia stuff:

efnet servers: #mediaplace, #aivanet, #ngage, #the_vault, #nokiawarez, #nokia7650.

galaxynet server: #nokia-symbian (fservers needed please msg me), #n-gage.
help chan: #nokiafree on efnet server.

irc can b easy, if u use it often, practise makes perfect.

tis faq on getting files from irc written by tzeonn.
if i missed any good chans msg me too.
happy file sharing
all rights reserved
tzeonn, dec 30th, 2003.

18-05-2004, 09:34 PM
Attached is a pdf version of my irc faq, WITH PICTURES.

feel free to spread it around :D