View Full Version : Creating skins for ultramp3 (mp3 player for symbian)

21-04-2004, 05:50 PM
Okay, Iíve finally figured out how to create my one skins for UltraMP3.
For those of you who donít know how to do this Iíve written a short manual.
So here it goes.

1. Go to gallery and open the picture u want to use as skin. Pres * and 5 to get the picture full-screen. Make a screenshot of this screen (I use SeleQ for this).

2. Open your file-browser (again, I use SeleQ) and go to where youíre new photoís are stored. Select the screenshot youíve just taken, copy it and go to: E\System\Apps\UltraMP3\ (or C:\System\Apps\UltraMP3\ depending on where youíve installed the app), paste the picture in the RES folder.

3. In the RES folder cut the SKIN.PCX file and paste it to wherever you want for backup. Rename the screenshot in the RES folder to: SKIN.PCX.

4. When you open UltraMP3 select the default skin and you will see your picture/screenshot.

You can also change the language of UltraMP3, but this is more work because you have to change every single word to your language.

The easiest way to do this in on your PC. Download UnMakeSis (my eternal thanks to the person who wrote this app) itís available on this site, just use the search.
Ones youíve extracted the UltraMP3.sis file you open ENGLISH.TXT and simply rename all the English words to your language.
Save the new english.txt file and send it to your phone then open your file browser again and copy/paste it in E\System\apps\UltraMP3 and select replace file.

Good luck!

Contributed from Space_monkey of www.nokiafree.org.