View Full Version : Installing applications (.sis files) on ngage

22-04-2004, 06:17 PM
Do u noe that u can install applications (.sis files) using the usb cable?

heres how:

plug in the usb cable.

go to my computer, find the drive showing removable hard disk, which is your ngage. open it.

there shld b many folders in there, videos, system, etc...

now, move the .sis file u want in there, not in any folders, so it looks like tis
---> e:/xxx.sis and NOT e:/system/xxx.sis (not in any folders).

then, unplug the usb cable, wait a while, den go to manager, which is in tools ---> manager, then find the application there, and install it!

installing java games(.jar files) using the usb cable :
install a file explorer like fexplorer or seleq (get fexplorer from www.gosymbian.com , its freeware), den place the .jar file anywhere u want.

then go into the file explorer, look for the .jar file, click on it and install!

hope i helped u guys out.