View Full Version : Found a couple of bugs in latest release (22/06)

24-06-2004, 05:55 PM
Hi, just a couple of bugs... on v5.31 8210
1) the slideshow menu (to turn intro on and off) works weirdly... I patch two items and here is the result:

# Graphic greeting
@item title=text/graphic_greeting flag2=0x50 flag3=0x800 func=0x387
@menu dispmode=0xC0 confmode=num confid=slideshow/intro
@header flag2=0xD flag3=0x1100

# Off
@item title=638 flag2=0x42 flag3=0x1300 ---selects slide 1, but no preview

# Greeting 1
@item title=text/greeting1 flag2=0x42 flag3=0x1300 func=0x5E0 arg=slideshow ---selects slide 2 and shows preview of slide 1

# Greeting 2
@item title=text/greeting2 flag2=0x42 flag3=0x1300 func=0x5E0 arg=slideshow/1 ---previews slide 1 but turns intro off

# Graphic greeting

2) Rhythmic leds dont work, when turned on it causes the phone to turn the lights of PERMANANTLY the next time the lights turn off... Must restart to have leds again!

3) Messages security doesnt work, shows a menu with two options (after security code) that are none, and memory (neither have any effect)

# Messages security
@item title=text/messages_guard flag2=0x50 flag3=0xC00 func=0x5E0 arg=messages_guard

4) Keylock security works but the menu appears as above

I understand some of these problems may be because i am stupid and dont know what im doing, but i have spent quite awhile working on this trying to figure the problem out (btw the flash file only has ENGL and NO eeprom)

Hope this helps!