View Full Version : Phone Not Starting Anymore???

12-07-2004, 01:27 PM
Cant get past the "Nokia" screen? :sad:

Cant get into menus? :-?

Chances are, your phone has crashed. Many reasons for this, like batt running flat while running apps/games, installing corrupted stuff, etc etc.

Unfortunately, theres no sure fire way to prevent this. Just like your pc, shit happens. ;)

When u get a phone that will not go into menus and hangs at "Nokia" screen, heres wat u can do:

1) take out mmc and see if it works. if it does, u need to format your mmc as the problem is with ur mmc.

2) when u off the phone, press and hold edit button (the pencil or abc button) and on it. sometimes, using this method will get u into the menus. This is called the safe mode. Now, format phone to solve the problem.

3) This only works for 6600/7610 users. Switch off phone, press and hold <3><*><green call> buttons, keep on holding all 3 buttons and switch on phone, keep holding till u see the formatting screen, then let the phone format.

Format code is *#7370#. (Works on all nokia symbians)
Factory Reset code is *#7780#. (Works for most nokia phones)

If all the above methods fail, take it to a nokia care centre near you to flash the phone. Flashing phone is free if it still under warranty.

Flashing phone can take from mere hours, up to weeks. (Depending on where you live)