View Full Version : MC60 - Strange Problem.

08-08-2004, 08:44 PM

I've recently bought a MC60 from a friend was going to live in another country.

I've Unlocked it, but I have a strange problem.

When I phone some numbers, mostly numbers from mobile phones, I get a voice note from my operator that says something like "You are temporarily unallowed to make calls." If I phone to a fixed line phone number, it makes the call with no problems.

If I put the sim in another phone (Nokia 3650) I can make phone calls without any kind of problem, So I believe the problem is not on the sim itself but on the phone.

Is it barred? I mean, all the barred phones I've seen, they don't allow you AT ALL to make calls, which is not the case with my siemens.

Can Someone please try to explain me what's happening?
Marcos Alves.