View Full Version : Accessing the 7610 System Folders on Your PC

14-09-2004, 01:10 PM
For 7610 users, we all know we can't access the system folders on our PC using the available softwares (e.g PC Suite) unless epocware's filemanager got updated and would support the DKU-2 cable connection. For those who can't wait for the filemanager, you can do it with the PC suite.

1.0 Acquire a copy of the latest PC suite (6.3 as I am writing this guide).
Go get it here: http://www.nokia.com/include/support/pcsuite_disclaimer.html?url=http://nds2.nokia.com/files/support/global/phones/software/Nokia_PC_Suite_63_en.exe

2.0 Install and restart your PC

3.0 Now connect your 7610 on your PC via DKU-2 cable (install the cable drivers provided on your installation CD) or Bluetooth (WIDCOM is more preferred)

4.0 Launch the PC suite and click on the Transfer File Icons, windows esplorer will open up, go to Nokia Phone Browser, your 7610 icon should be seen there, if not your fone is not yet connected, go to connection on your PC suite and manage your connection.

5.0 Your 7610 should have 2 drives in it one for the phone memory (C drive) and for the rsMMC, if you have one (E Drive).

6.0 Now make a new folder anywhere on your PC, to make things simple make a new folder on drive C (your local drive) and name it to "System"

7.0 Copy the folder and paste it in the root directory of your phone memory (C drive), the System folder should now be visible on the Phone Browser, do the same for the rsMMC drive (E drive) if you would also like to view the system drive.

Once you have activated the system drive on your phone memory (C drive) and rsMMC (E drive) DO NOT go / click on their root directories on your Nokia Phone Browser (e.g. C:\ or E:\), navigate only on the folders and subfolders by clicking on the + sign to expand the tree.

If you made a mistake by going to their root directories the system folder will be hidden again but when you expand it the system folder is still there but could not be accessed, your PC may hang for quite some time if you made this mistake and I suggest you to restart your PC and your 7610.
And the most important thing..Do this at your own risk!

That's it..hope you guys understand this simple guide, attached also is a tutorial with pictures to fully visualize what I am bluburring about.


After posting this guide I just found out that you can disable the hide attribute of the the System folder using your phones filemanager (e.g. efileman, seleq...) once the hidden attribute is disabled you can browse it even on your phones gallery. Don't know if it will also become visible on your PC suite. Don't know if this was caused by the brute force action given above, I remember that prior doing this I tried to disable the hidden attribute of the system folder but could not change it. You can try it before proceeding with this guide.