View Full Version : How To Change Call Duration Time Possition?

20-10-2004, 11:51 AM
Please Help Me!!!

create "code"; own_call_duration=rc
setbl own_call_duration+x2d(08) OWN_GET_CONFIG
setbl own_call_duration+x2d(18) LTOA
setbl own_call_duration+x2d(22) LTOA
setbl own_call_duration+x2d(2c) LTOA
setbl own_call_duration+x2d(32) OWN_GET_FONT
setbl own_call_duration+x2d(3c) OWN_GET_STRING_WIDTH
setbl own_call_duration+x2d(4a) OWN_GET_CHAR_BASE
setbl own_call_duration+x2d(5e) OWN_PRINT_STRING
setbl own_call_duration+x2d(62) SHOW_PRINTS
setlong own_call_duration+x2d(6c) CONFIG_ID
setlong own_call_duration+x2d(70) FONT

I' think its somwere here but where? :???:

20-10-2004, 01:56 PM
answer given by YAK:

The time displayed by call_duration patch is centered in box 0/15/84/24 (X/Y/Width/Height). That's why nobody is able to locate the coordinates. The text is rendered directly on screen so no zones are used (this also causes the time to be displayed even when you change the volume). Take a look at call_duarion.asm, if you know ARM assembly you will be able to change it. The coordinates are calculated just before own_print_string call.

the rest is up to you... or someone with time :-P


31-10-2004, 06:01 AM
What about showing call duration after call ~ 3 secs?