View Full Version : Ultra MP3 Skinning Tutorial

04-04-2005, 09:34 AM
Hey All,

Quite a few people now use Ultra MP3 Player for listening to their favourite songs on the move and why not it's a great application.
It also allows the user to customise it's look & it's in everyone's nature to what to customise it, in this case by using a background picture of their choice.

Unfortunatly for some this cause's major problems as the given instructions are not that great, so to help myself out I made some of my own that I now freely share with others.

Now bear in mind I am by no means a writer and so my grammer might not be 100%, but I know that by using the instructions I have written people can better understand how to produce their own UltraMP3 skins.
I now hope it will be of real benefit to some of you & we shall see some wild & individual skins coming out.

Good luck.