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03-05-2005, 09:59 PM
You can download the new and improved A-Key Calculator v1.2 from this link : http://jupiter.drw.net/mercedes/sms/akeycalc.zip
A lot of bugs found in the previous versions of A-Key Calculator have been fixed in this new version.
The registered copy of the program contains a very useful ESN file processing function. You will be able to generate huge subscriber A-Key lists for unlimited number of ESN's. This function will generate a unique 20-digit random A-Key value with corresponding 6-digit checksum for each hexadecimal ESN on the list.

Another useful program is ESN Format Converter.
This program is a useful tool for mobile phone dealers and sales agents, as well as cellular engineers and repair shop technicians.

Now you can easily convert mobile phone's ESN (electronic serial number) between two common formats : 8 digit Hexadecimal and 3+8 digit Decimal.

The registered copy of the program contains a very useful batch ESN conversion function. You will be able to open a ESN file containing unlimited number of ESN's (one ESN per line, in 8+3 digit decimal format) and create another ESN file (in 8 digit hexadecimal format). Then you can open the resulting file in A-Key Calculator and generate huge lists of unique random A-Key values (20 digits each) with corresponding 6 digit checksums for every subscriber ESN on the list.

You can download the ESN Format Converter from this link http://jupiter.drw.net/mercedes/software/esnconv.zip

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