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31-05-2005, 05:38 AM
There has been some threads that the old unlock software is not working on some C200. There nothing new here but, this method is working. So if you tried all the cracked C200 unlockers try this method.

The package contains (C200Flasher/Unlocker Complete)
A. FLasher/Unlocker
B. One C200 Main Flash
C. 13 language packs

1. Open Flasher/Unlocker
2. Write AS112440.main
3. Then, Unlock Phone
4. Write Language (the one for you Country)
5. Active Language
6. Take out Battery put back Battery
7. power-on

** I found the language I needed by loading one pack at a time.
Note language pack has (Alp12443.lang) english&Portuguese
The rest have every other languages you may need,
you to test each pack, because I did not make a list.

http://people.itu.int/~emartine/ under "Unlock More!! LG-Samsung-Motorola-Nec-Nokia-Panisonic-Sharp" Package name "C200Flasher/Unlocker Complete"

Good Luck

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