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25-12-2003, 11:57 AM
A way has been found to install apps on your 3650 with ONLY a MMC card reader.

1. Get the file manager of your choice (.SIS) on your computer.
2. Rename it to name.JPG
3. Transfer it to your MMC using the card reader
4. Open "Messaging>New Message", and select "E-mail message"
5. It will ask for a Mailbox and network crap to be defined. Here enter any junk values (for addresses make sure it is address format and for servers t.t.t format) that you want and save the settings.
6. After saving the settings, you can create an E-mail message. Here, choose the "Options>Attachments" and "Insert>Image". This will allow you to choose the image that you want to insert as an attachment. Browse to your MMC's Images folder and select name.JPG file that you copied earlier.
7. After the attachment is added, select it and choose "Options>Open".
8. The operating system recognizes that it's actually a SIS file and installs your file explorer!

You can now use your MMC reader to transfer files directly on the card, and use your file explorer to install them.