View Full Version : Composer Expand? Possilble?

26-07-2005, 09:05 AM
On nokia 3310/15 i've tried the 16tone (editable/composer)patch and it works but some picture messages lost... but its ok..

What I want to ask is if it is posible to make it morethan 16 tones and morethan 50 notes can be composed.

Thanks! Advance.


26-07-2005, 01:51 PM

U can make more as 16 tones, but U have to give up other things instead to obtain the required free space in eeprom to store them.

U can make also make it longer as 50 notes, however, this value is based upon the size of 1 sms.

Expanding this would lead to very complex modding to be able to recognise concatted (=joined) multiple sms's.

If not U will loose all tone editor and OTA compatibility for logomanager or getting/ sending tones via sms.

The 1st demo I made on 3310 was buggy, it didnot handle eeprom storage properly and therefore overwrite other usefull datas.

Later, by restructuring the eeprom, I made a 'perfect' demo which Mr. Danwood used as base for a script.

This demo and script was only made for 8210-531 type.
(search for mToneZ or mLogoZ)

Since the eeprom structures do differ per phone types, it is hard to make scripts for each type.

For 3310, U could use the old and new scripts to patch the 7>xx loops stuff in mcu.

But additionally U MUST do the eeprom rearranging manually based upon the new values and eeprom layout of the phone which U are gonna use it for.

Fun to do, however also very complex since U need alot of knowledge of how to manipulate the data and tables that's already there.