View Full Version : Washed Z500a

28-07-2005, 03:38 AM
well i did it...i washed my z500a. I cant use the warrenty becuase I hear there a ways they can tell if water has got into the phone, so I have decided I will give it a shot and try to revive the phone myself. I took the battery out and let it dry for about 3 days and then tested it with a backup battery, it did not work. No power at all. I was just wondering if there was any hope for my phone and if there is what would you recomnd I do. My friend told me to open it up and clean the insides with alcohol. Is that a good idea? Please help me, I still have a year and a half before my phone contract is up and it will hurt to put another $150 into a phone.
Thanks for your help