View Full Version : Old Style Star Tac

24-09-2005, 03:44 PM
Hopefully someone smart is reading this. I have a Motorolla Star Tac the phone is silver in color I think its a 7797. I live near an airport and its the only phone that works here. Its wore out and I was wanting to get a newer one or one in better shape.
1. Does anyone have or know what software I would need to read the whole flash on that particular phone and flash it to the same model phone?
2. Also what cable would I need. Basically I am wanting to clone the phone its uses alltel if that makes any difference and they won't activate anymore star tacs its a new fcc rule. But all I wan't is to be able to use the service I pay for.

Thanks in advance,


ps also does anyone know if any other star tac models would be clonable by me cloning my 7797?