7 Step Guide – Take Puddlegrams On Lumia

Photography has always are available in many strange and beautiful forms. Now, using the creation of mobile technology, this capability to dazzle with new genres is becoming even simpler.

One guy that has produced a kind of photography greatly their own is Danish Instagramer Morten Nordstrøm. A couple of days back we displayed his operate in our All over the world in 80 Lumias series. His puddle reflected pictures of Copenhagen, shot on the Nokia Lumia 925, have acquired him plaudits everywhere plus an ever growing quantity of fans. Actually, now he celebrated his twenty thousandth follower with a awesome competition. We have now asked Morten to share his miracle, so we all can discover the incredible art from the puddlegram. To you, Morten!

1. Look for a puddle

To begin with, when shooting puddlegrams you’ll clearly require a puddle. The higher the better, but you’ll be amazed how little water you have to create a large impact. Go look for yourself!

2. Concentrate on the focus

My experience is the fact that I obtain the best effect after i search for a powerful central focus and then try to acquire some depth within the perspective. Roads frequently meet these needs because of their disappearing points, which is among the reasons puddlegrams are extremely good in urban cityscapes. Furthermore they’re frequently filled with existence, which provides existence towards the picture helping telling a distinctive story.

3. Go low

Another factor is the fact that if you wish to perform a proper puddlegram, make certain your lens is really as near to the ground as you possibly can – even when this means you need to turn your device upside-lower (my Lumia’s camera is in the center of the telephone, therefore it means nothing, however in some phones your camera is positioned within the corner, and here it will make an excellent difference). Furthermore, mind the elements. Windy puddles won’t be beneficial.

4. Obtain the right perspective

If this involves shooting, I frequently think a great deal about my perspective before I shoot. What’s going to work? What will not? Must I watch for somebody just to walk by, or will that be stifling? In other cases I simply walk around and search for particulars and shoot things i like and galvanizing.

5. Test out applications and angles

I’m always shooting with my Nokia Lumia 925 and I’ve been experimentation a great deal using the different camera options. Normally I simply make use of the native camera, in other cases I personally use the Nokia Professional Camera or ProShot which provides me more flexibility. Helpful advice when taking puddlegrams is to test out the amount of shots you’re taking and find out the various final results you will get. Examining talents and weak points during these can help causing you to a far more skilled puddleshooter! I may as well just let you know since individuals will be searching to you, whenever you sit lower and put your phone inside a puddle. It does not bother me any longer, but at first I selected to consider the magical perspectives I had been taking and stated to myself, that they are only searching, simply because they did not know better.

6. Make time to edit

Lots of miracle happens within the editing process. For editing, I’ve investigated the various Home windows Phone application options quite intensely. After carrying this out I wound up always utilizing the same two applications: the Nokia Creative Studio application and Fhotoroom. They are not the same and suits one another well. I love to keep things easy and frequently goal for any high sharpness, cold tones and never too strong colors, since i have locate them disturbing.

7. Remain on the surface of the crop

Finally, I pay lots of attention within the popping process. A great popping can alter an image entirely and thus can a poor one.

Seven fantastic ideas to turn even a novice Instagramer, much like me, in to the sharpest puddleshooter. If you wish to see much more of Morten’s work make sure to meet up with him on Instagram. Meanwhile, why don’t you grab your wellies and discover some puddles. Should you show up trumps, make sure to share your reflected glory on Instagram using the hashtag #Lumiapuddles,  therefore we can showcase the the best.

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