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Windows Phone 7 Holds Ground, While Lumia 520 Helped By Aggressive Pricing

Lumia 520

AdDuplex has launched data showing the Lumia 520 becoming more popular then ever inside the Home windows Phone ecosystem, low-finish hardware advancing strongly in america along with a persistent Home windows Phone 7.

Home windows Phone is definitely an interesting platform to analyse when you are searching at hardware. Mix-platform advertising network, AdDuplex has released a study for that month of December to give to us a little insight regarding how Home windows Phone is searching in the finish of 2013. The entire year continues to be an eventful one as you would expect, so mind on beyond the break for the particulars.

Lumia 520 applies to gold

Much like in previous reviews we have covered from AdDuplex, the Lumia 520 is constantly on the dominate the Home windows Phone ecosystem, getting yet bigger shares from the cake. Again, this really is further proof it's not lower to simply high-finish, costly hardware to push a mobile platform within the right direction.

AdDuplex Dec 13

Apart from the ongoing development of the Lumia 520, the chart remains almost exactly the same when in comparison to November. Based on AdDuplex, the reduced-finish Nokia Home windows Phone is continuing to grow five percent, basically absorbing amounts using their company Nokia Lumias within the list - did we point out that only Nokia Home windows Phones can be found within the top list still?

AdDuplex Dec 13 WP8

It's interesting to determine the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 don't even come in the very best "Home windows Phone 8 products" list, climax still beginning for that flagship phablet. And merely just in case you needed telling whether Nokia has had the marketplace by storm since 2011, browse the chart below.

AdDuplex Dec 13

Greetings, rather dominate Microsoft.

Home windows Phone 7 still hanging inside

Once we noted recently, Home windows Phone 7.x is really a persistent mobile platform, with customers holding onto their previous generation hardware. There's what's promising in present day report as AdDuplex notes how we have firmly passed the threeOr4 mark with Home windows Phone 8 ongoing to narrow the gap. 

AdDuplex Dec 13

Aggressive prices helps Lumia 520 in america

We have seen some real cost cuts over the 2010 festive period, with Black Friday along with other aggressive marketing deals, however these campaigns have handled to assist the Lumia 520 out in the area because the system is now # 2, just behind its brother or sister.

AdDuplex Dec 13

The Lumia 520 was lower in fifth position recently (on 7.2 percent), making its progress in December rather impressive (getting 12.2 percent). Its brother or sister, the Lumia 521 remains in to begin with on 30.2 percent. It's interesting to notice the Nokia Lumia 1020 is featured within this chart on 2.3 %.

Finland, a strange child

AdDuplex Dec 13

Finland is definitely an odd country to pay for. The Lumia 800 is on 17.4 % in to begin with, showing precisely how resilient Home windows Phone 7 is, mainly in the home of Nokia. The Lumia 920 carefully follows in second (on 15 %) using the Lumia 520 in third (12.9 %). In addition may be the entire listing of top Home windows Phones in Finland contains Lumia hardware only.

A brand new South america

AdDuplex Dec 13

The forex market happens to be an essential region for Microsoft and it is OEM partners, approximately 2 several weeks ago the Lumia 710 was still being a powerful contender within the Home windows Phone race, however the Lumia 520 has turned the table and today leads by almost 10 %. It's an optimistic move since we are searching in a Home windows Phone 8 phone changing a mature generation device.

Searching forward

The Lumia 1520 is landing in multiple marketplaces, and we are likely to see more products hit the shelves within the coming several weeks, such as the Lumia 525. We are also wanting to see what's going to emerge from 2014 and just how the Microsoft and Nokia deal goes lower with new hardware being launched.

What exactly are your ideas in the finish of 2013? Tell us within the comments.

You'll have the ability to browse the full report over on AdDuplex tomorrow. It's worth proclaiming that this report was put together using data collected from 2,499 Home windows Phone applications running the Adduplex SDK v2. The raw data was collected on December 27th.

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Awaiting Lumia Black? Nokia China update from this week

Lumia Black

Nokia's Lumia Black update (moving out plus the Update 3 from Microsoft) continues to be loaded on hardware in several marketplaces publish-Nokia World, but in the event you live in China, you are most likely still awaiting the update hitting your Home windows Phone. Today, we have got what's promising for you personally. WPDang has learnt through sources that China might find the Lumia Black update from next Wednesday.


Based on stated sources, both the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 is going to be became a member of by more recent hardware to become one of the primary to become upgraded. In addition may be the website also notes that features incorporated within the Worldwide Lumia Black update is going to be open to customers, including Nokia Storyteller and much more, as well as "Call obstructing" and "Application folder". 

You need to already be familiar with the bottom enhancements Nokia has packed within the update, but here is a quick indication of are just some of the brand new features in Lumia Black:

  • Glance Screen - New colours for evening mode, notices, digital pedometer, custom text and calendar information
  • RAW camera support for the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520
  • New camera calculations, particularly for that Lumia 1020 with tone mapping and noise reduction
  • Bluetooth 4. LE

​Be certain to look for updates in a few days and we'll help you stay all up-to-date around the process.

Source: WPDang thanks, answer1626, for that tip!

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Qualcomm, Blackberry, and Nokia : The Common Factor

42 mins ago Jan. 7, 2014 - 6:01 PM PST

At CES , BlackBerry’s QNX Software Systems revealed two new high-profile partners to assist it in the mission to dominate the program beneath the dashboard. It's struck handles Qualcomm to aid the chipmaker’s startup company in to the infotainment application processors and it is dealing with Nokia’s Here group to build up cloud-based location services.

The trio may seem as an odd grouping before you consider their particular automotive skills. Lots of people know QNX may be the underlying software in BlackBerry’s latest os's, but it’s lengthy been among the key providers of OS software for vehicle infotainment and control systems. Due to its purchase of Navteq, Nokia This is a huge supplier of mapping data and navigation technology towards the automotive industry.

Qualcomm really began out like a vehicle monitoring and telematics company, but at CES on Monday it introduced intends to bring its Snapdragon platform in to the vehicle. It’s wishing its new infotainment chips can dominate the connected vehicle world the way in which its application processors dominate the smartphone market, and it is betting QNX might help it.

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HTC and Nokia ought to be in Tears Owning to ‘Phablet Tragedy’

Eventually we'll tell our grandchildren the way the phone market was totally changed by Samsung’s Universe Note, which first showed in October 2011. Its 5.3-inch display size shocked and titillated phone experts, dividing them deeply within the sales prospects of these a monstrosity. Over a couple of quarters it grew to become apparent that customers have been holding a secret hunger for jumbo shows because the Note converted into an enormous global blockbuster.

It was the merchandise range that demonstrated Samsung has experience into consumer behavior that Apple doesn't possess. It was the merchandise range that assisted boost Samsung’s quarterly smartphone volume above 80 million models within the fall quarter of 2013, soaring far above Apple with $ 30 million models.

Samsung did phablets first also it did them right. However the era once the phablets gave Samsung a unique earnings and revenue edge are drawing for an finish. Probably the most alarming factor about the negative buzz around Samsung’s phone unit performance in Q4 2013 would be that the weakness is emerging soon after the large launch from the Universe Note 3.

Samsung’s latest behemoth first showed in a number of key marketplaces in the finish of September and offered ten million models by 50 percent several weeks. Because of this , why traders are so disappointed because they adjust Samsung Christmas quarter earnings anticipation underneath the fall quarter. The most recent phablet blockbuster was designed to guarantee Samsung a powerful Christmas.

It didn’t. Out of the box quite natural, the huge success from the original Note attracted a horde of rival items towards the nascent product segment. By summer time of 2013, leading phone review sites began running tales about the best looking phablets underneath the $200 cost point. Chinese and Indian suppliers had responded towards the jumbo screen story with amazing aggression and precision.

In the intervening time, that old guard of phone suppliers from HTC to Nokia mulled over their phablet methods too lengthy. The HTC One Max started trickling to promote in Taiwan in September and also the Nokia 1520 first showed in November. Sony’s pricey Xperia Z Ultra showed up to The United States in September.

This can be a story that demonstrates perfectly why these second-tier suppliers appear so condemned at this time within the high-finish market. They skipped the greatest new smartphone niche creation by 2 yrs, permitting Samsung to skim off all of the cream within the jug and providing Asian cheapie brands time to generate an excellent value segment at literally 70% underneath the cost reason for the most recent Universe Note.

After which HTC, Nokia and The new sony unveil their very own phablets between Samsung and also the budget brands. And they finally go into the ring, Samsung’s dissipating phone profit momentum signifies the phablet arc has already peaked.

Submit the clowns. Don’t bother — they’re here.

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Allegedly Proven Once Again – Nokia’s First Android Phone through Leaked Photos!

A picture allegedly showing the Nokia Normandy Android prototype continues to be released online on Chinese social networking Weibo (via WPCentral), with user WPDang stating that the rumored Android phone doesn't have Nokia branding on the back and front, like a previous image leak from @evleaks recommended. The Nokia Normandy should be the very first Android phone from the organization, even though the Finnish smartphone maker is stated to fork Android in the same way as Amazon . com does using its Amazon Kindle Fire OS. However, the interface from the system is blurred within the image below.

The telephone isn't likely to offer accessibility Google Play Store or to become a flagship device. Rather it'll likely address the reduced-finish smartphone market alongside Nokia’s Asha products running Series 40 OS. Hardware particulars for that Normandy aren't offered at this time around, however the image indicates the phone may have dual SIM abilities and have just one capacitive button.


Despite the fact that there has been a couple of gossips and reviews around the Normandy, including these image leaks, it isn't obvious whether Nokia will really launch an Android phone, considering the imminent Microsoft purchase of their mobile division.

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