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Qualcomm, Blackberry, and Nokia : The Common Factor

42 mins ago Jan. 7, 2014 - 6:01 PM PST

At CES , BlackBerry’s QNX Software Systems revealed two new high-profile partners to assist it in the mission to dominate the program beneath the dashboard. It's struck handles Qualcomm to aid the chipmaker’s startup company in to the infotainment application processors and it is dealing with Nokia’s Here group to build up cloud-based location services.

The trio may seem as an odd grouping before you consider their particular automotive skills. Lots of people know QNX may be the underlying software in BlackBerry’s latest os's, but it’s lengthy been among the key providers of OS software for vehicle infotainment and control systems. Due to its purchase of Navteq, Nokia This is a huge supplier of mapping data and navigation technology towards the automotive industry.

Qualcomm really began out like a vehicle monitoring and telematics company, but at CES on Monday it introduced intends to bring its Snapdragon platform in to the vehicle. It’s wishing its new infotainment chips can dominate the connected vehicle world the way in which its application processors dominate the smartphone market, and it is betting QNX might help it.

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