Software Needed:
8250 MCU+PPM File (v5.04 recommended)
Rolis DCT-3 Flasher 4.78 build 6
Knok Build 22
EEPROM Tools v3.1

Step 1. Connect with a data cable your 8210 and use EEPROM Tools v.3.1 read the phone (Click the magnifying glass). It will display the phones DSP ROM version, if it is DSP ROM 6, proceed to step 2. If it is DSP ROM5, you cannot upgrade, sorry. Step 2. Make a backup of your 8210, use Flasher 4.78b6 to READ from 0x200000 TO 0x400000 just in case. Step 3. Write the 8250 Flash file from 0x200000. Step 4. When flashing has completed, disconnect from Flashing cable, and connect with Datacable and run Knok Build 22. Turn the phone on. Use this to 'Quick Set Faid' and 'Reset SP Locks'