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Thread: Back lite on nokia 6200

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    Angry Back lite on nokia 6200

    Is there any way to keep the back lite on or to set how long it stays on before it dims? This phone is driving me crazy, every time I am trying to look at something(without touching any buttons)on the phone the backlite dims after a few seconds(about 10), THANKS.

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    BUMP! Me Too!

    Just a bump to raise this back to the top. I have the same question. Strange they don't tell you how to do that in the manual (if you can at all!)

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    seem to be impossible.....

    Hello there
    I don't have a Nokia 6200 but a 6610 and my boyfriend got a 7250... on both these phones there is no option/setting availabble for the duration of the backlight. You can in both phones only set after which time the screen saver kicks in, or the keylock. The lights always stay on for roughly 10 seconds, even when you set the screensaver to come on way earlier. In that case you have the clock backlit Also looks nice......
    Kind regards...

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