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Thread: Nokia Free download area not working

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    Nokia Free download area not working

    when i sign into and go to the downloads area i get the message "hello visitor" and cannot download anything. the little download link arrows do nothing, signing in via the sign in link on this page does not help. any suggestions? i am new to all this and want to get a phone that i can unlock for use with any carrier and tweak and bend to my will. fun fun, but no luck so far.

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    Yea isn't workin for me either

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    no answers!?...come on..i need to download somthing..please answer..!

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    Use Internet Explorer, Firefox seems to not recognized the login screen.

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    Talking *smacks forehead*

    dont why i didnt try that........

    call it a brain fart


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    hahaha.. ok thanks

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    Hi there all.
    I dont know if my message belongs here,
    i cant find anything to post for a nokia 8890.
    I have this problem. Here in the netherlands we have 5 networks.
    vodafone, KPN, dutchtone, t mobile, telfort.
    heres is the problem,
    my phone nokia 8890 can not conect to dutchtone.
    i have a sim of dutchtone, and not planning to change providers..
    does any one have a clue, what to do?
    Ive also read about flashing.
    Every body is talking bout flashing their phones,
    but nobody says, hey here you can find your flash file...
    Do i have to flash my phone? Can any one help, or just pm me?


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    can you use dct4 so that unlock for 8890 .because you have locked network .on nokiafree we download free dct4 .....wish you success....byebye

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    Hii there, thenx for replying,
    have the software, but the problem is...
    i think i have an older earlier version of 8890..
    i want 2 use new version of the software installed on my fone,
    so i can use the new network, the problem is,
    i cant find 8890 flash or versions of my nokia 8890 fone.
    does any one have a link, or good ideas?
    B.T.W. ill be needing the data calbe right?

    Thnx again for help.

    ( im a newbie )

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