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Thread: How To Flash Nokia Phones 101

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    How To Flash Nokia Phones 101

    Can Some One Post Here The Steps To Follow In Order To Flash Nokia Phones?

    For Example If You Want To Upgrade Your Phone Which Files To Use?

    If You Want To Change The Phone Languaje Which Files To Use?

    Im A Little Confuse I'm Not An Expert On Nokia But Would Like To Be One So Please Any One With This Sort Of Information Please Help Me.

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    usint tornado flasher
    1- you have to do check & info from the left side of the program screen if your phone was working
    2- you have to loade mcu & pm & cnt if needed from the right side of the screen
    3- choose some or all ui options
    4- click the big start button
    the normal phone well work withuot trobels after that ...

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