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Thread: How to turn on the phone via FBUS command?

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    How to turn on the phone via FBUS command?

    Is there a FBUS command to turn on the phone?

    I know the soft reset frame: 1E 00 10 15 00 08 00 01 00 05 80 00 01 SQ CK1 CK2

    that resets the phone if it is ON and just blink the display when the phone is OFF.

    If the 80 is changed to 00, then the frame just turn off the phone.

    I already have studied GNOKII and GAMMU but haven't found the correct frame.


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    AFAIK there's no command to turn on phone via FBus!
    turn on with power key only!!

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    I read somewhere that should be possible to turn on the phone pulsing some input pin.
    Do you know if such thing works on the pop-port connectors? What's the procedure?

    How a carkit turns on the phone? Hope I had one...

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    Only via Mbus there is a pin to auto power on....BTW...depends of the phone model..DCT4....Uneed a box for Mbus function...
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    Hello Everybody,

    I succeeded with powering my Nokia 1110i Phone through fbus. You just need the Power connector connected. In this case the MCU seems up and listening on the fbus. After this I used a slightly modified version of gammu which allows to send some special mode frames. I discovered them during playing with the display test command from gammu.

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