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Thread: What no posts!

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    What no posts!

    Hi I hope someone can help. I can't make any posts or reply to any. I have had to register as Rude_boy999 to make this one. My original screen name is BOARDBOY. I can log on but make no posts. I have sent three e-mails via the "contact us" link at the bottom of the screen but had no replys.
    Phones are a bit of a hobbie and I have just got back in to them after a long break. I know I could just carry on using this screen name, but I would like to know why.
    Thanks in advance

    Boardboy or should that be Rude_boy!!

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    try delete all ur browser cache,and look for cookies,,,,delete all the cookies,,,,,,if ie just right click ie on desktop choose properties,,,then in middle click delete files,then click delete cookies........if firefox goto tools ,,options,,,inprivacy tab click show cookies,,,,,delete all nokiafree then log in again......
    it appened to me ,,,
    good luck

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