I downloaded NokiaFREE Unlock Codes Calculator from nokiafree's mirror site. After downloading and unzipping the file, running the setup program, and then running the calculator, all I got was "runtime error code: '5' Invalid procedure call" and then after clicking OK, "Unable to find dctx.dll". After again clicking OK, nothing more happened.

Further, I uploaded the zip file to a website that passes it through 41 anti-virus engines, and five of those engines reported an issue. Antiv-AVL reported Trojan/Win32.Genome. Jiangmin reported Backdoor/Agent.bjng. Sunbelt reported VIPRE.Suspicious. VirusBuster reported Packed/FSG

My own anti-virus (AVG 8.5 paid version) reports that NokiaFREE_calc.exe is a "runtime packed fsg" file and that NokiaFREE_v310_Setup.exe contains Trojan Horse Generic 13.ACMS.

I prepared an MS Word file containing the output from the virus-checking website and another MS Word file containing screen grabs of every step in the process from downloading the zip file from nokiafree's mirror to running the NokiaFREE calculator and getting the two error messages mentioned above. I will post these files here if anyone is interested and it's within the rules of the forum.

I emailed the mirror site about this, but they insist that the virus reports are false positives and that the program works and is malware free. Perhaps they are right, but the program does not work for me ; I admit that I could possibly be doing something wrong myself to cause the errors I have gotten. If so, I would like to be advised what to do.

I am running WinXP Pro SP2 on a Compaq EVO D510, Pentium 4, Intel chipset 845G, 2GHZ processor speed, 1.25GB RAM. I don't know if I have any software on my machine (or if there IS any software) that might conflict with NokiaFREE calculator.

Thanks in advance for whatever help the members of the forum can provide,

Ivan Quentin

PS: I am a new user of this site (this is my first post) and I unintentionally broke the rule about url's when first composing this post. When I tried to preview the post, I was informed of my sin. Fine, but I couldn't then go back to the draft post and edit it to be within the rules, because the entire draft had been removed. So I had to write the whole thing over again. Is it possible to retain faulty draft posts so that the member can go back and edit them rather than having to rewrite them in their entirety? If not, I will just have to remember to copy/paste my drafts into Notepad before previewing/posting them. --I.Q.