Lumia’s Extraordinary Games!

They behind the windows Phone Store come up with a fascinating assortment of games – mostly from independent designers – they think deserve your attention. We’d heartily agree.
You will find greater than 24 games within this collection now, and there is also a serious mixture of game styles and genres, including some that practically defy description.

While trying out most of the games within this collection – yes, it’s a tough job, we all know – I was struck through the high quality level and apparent care the designers put in the work they do. We’d prefer to think there’s an overriding theme that ties many of these games together, but there’s not a way to nicely fit many of these games right into a single bucket – possibly that’s why the gathering is known as “The Next Big Thing”. Will one of these simple games function as the breakout hit of 2014?


A few of these games are only at windows Phone and lots of are crafted while using software from Oneness (like the giving-winning games Trouser Heart by Finland’s 10tons Ltd and Alien with a Magnet, which we’ve discussed formerly), you’ll find choices for every gaming preference, including:

Tower defense games like Garden Rescue (compensated having a free trial offer), through the Russian company Rainbow Games, in which you control a number of plants that require to get rid of bugs that are attempting to destroy your bananas. You are able to set the problem degree of the overall game, and there’s a separate Christmas edition that you could try. Or possibly try Vein Rush that is only on Home windows Phone. You’re infected, and want to battle off entering bacteria which are literally within you.


Side-scroller games like Have a picnic Rumble (compensated with free trial offer) that is only on Home windows Phone, and  is a crazy variant on the party’s theme while you must match the colour of 1 of 4 “rumblers” to defeat opponents that you simply encounter along your neverending stroll with the forest. The overall game has this funky hands-attracted quality and also the figures are adorable.  A faster pace is Manuganu, a three dimensional platform runner by developer Alper Sarıkaya from Istanbul, Poultry. The graphics are intense, even though that one only provides a compensated version ($.99 USD) we predict you will be hooked.

Match-3 games include Sky Cups by Fox3D Galleries from Estonia, where you stand a blue circus hippo &#8211 trust us on that one &#8211 that sits atop stacks of teacups that you need to help him to smash so he is able to return to walk out. You are able to swipe in the right or left to produce matches. The overall game is free of charge, plays rapidly company, speed counts. Or try your hands at Jack’s Mistake (compensated with free trial offer) in which a researcher has launched a harmful virus in to the world. You will find greater than 40 levels within this puzzle game.


Photographers or fighting-games within this collection include  Crumble Zone (compensated with free trial offer) by Digital rebel Twins Indie Games where you stand just a little eco-friendly alien who must defend your planet from falling asteroids along with other objects which are sailing the right path. The overall game includes a dizzying quality while you rotate backwards and forwards to defeat the oncoming waves of danger. Or browse the free Reaper by United kingdom-based Hexage which mixes the hack-and-slash action inside a side-scrolling realm that’s filled with miracle and monsters. The graphics are wealthy and also the action engaging.

Hidden-object puzzle games  for example 9-Clues: The Key of Serpent Creek by Artifex Mundi is really a free game with amazing pictures. Or take a look at Tales in the Dragon Mountain: The Strix by K.I.D. d.o.o., that provides a totally free trial (both of them are large files, and wish Wi-Fi for download.)

Hard to classify


One of the collection in Home windows Phone Store you’ll also find Mr. Potino, a contemporary undertake hangman by Italy’s Mixel Scarl, in which you try to guess words presented to you by the overall game. This free game features wonderful graphics that appear to be like paper cutouts, also it will get progressively harder along the way. The overall game claims a dictionary in excess of 50,000 words to try and stump you.

Or possibly try the pinball-like mechanics from the puzzle game Energet (compensated only) by developer Vladimir Plokhotnikov. Within this game, you need to take part in the angles, and ricochet a power-craving sphere. It requires a little of becoming accustomed to the controls, but it’s quite addictive.

Our faves in the entire collection is Strata (compensated with free trial offer), by Ontario-based designers Graveck, a stylish, and misleading simple-searching puzzle game which makes you believe. You have to prepare yourself to effectively complete each degree of this Oneness-based game, in which you layer various colored laces and ribbons on the top of each other to create a set pattern. Oddly enough, the seem track that comes with the overall game is piano music in an exceedingly classic form that brings up the emotions of the wintry day.

Bonus game: Songarc

Finally, there’s yet another game that people think warrants your attention, even though it is not within the collection in Home windows Phone Store. We’re very looking forward to Songarc, a totally free game by Hungary-based developer András Velvárt.


This really is no regular keep-the-beat music game. For just one, you should use the background music that’s already saved in your phone to experience along, providing you with a complete selection of notes and tempos. And also the design, graphics and from time to time frantic pace of the overall game will definitely help you stay entertained.

What games have your undivided attention nowadays? Share your suggestions below.

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