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Nokia Lumia 2520: Ideal Kitchen Companion

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Get Your Favorite Apps on Nokia Lumia 2520

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Roundup App Update: App Folder, Netflix & 1Shot gets bumped

App Update Roundup

Simply because it is the weekend, not dare think for any second it's completely quiet. We have got a bit of application updates for you personally. Netflix joins Nokia's Application Folder and 1Shot within this weekend's roundup of application updates. Go by the break to determine what's new within the latest releases.


Netflix 3.5..16

Netflix is a well-liked on-demand service that's available too on Home windows Phone. Regrettably, the application is not quite up to date with choices on competitor platforms and misses features like profiles support. What's new in 3.5..16? We are much less sure. Nothing has sprung out when using the latest release, so we are presuming you will find only bug fixes.

You are able to grab Netflix in the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

QR: Netflix

App Folder

Application Folder 1..9.5

Nokia's most widely known because of not just the superb hardware the organization pumps from its industrial facilities, however the software that follows a release. Including App Folder, the most recent offering in the Finnish company. The application, if you are unfamiliar with the title, allows you to definitely group application tiles into folders in your Start screen. 

The most recent version is just a minor update, but we are unsure of what's incorporated. We is possibly searching at fixes implemented for issues customers happen to be going through, including the rise in random starts over. Tell us within the comments in the event you place anything we have skipped.

Download Application Folder from the Nokia Collection around the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

QR: App Folder


1Shot 1...2

If you are someone to take numerous shots together with your Home windows Phone, 1Shot is really a sweet little application to possess inside your toolbox. Here's what's new within the new edition:

  • Changed slider mobile phones for user selectable choices for ISO, Shutter Speed and Whitened Balance 
  • Set to fireplace auto-focus (on capture button tap) if mode selected is auto-focus and user has not drawn on on viewfinder to concentrate.

​You can download 1Shot from the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

QR: 1Shot

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Lumia 920 & 820 Getting Lumia Black Update – India & Italy among the First

Lumia Black Lumia 920

Last we Nokia shared the Lumia Black update had begun the entire process of moving to various mobile phone models around the world. The Nokia Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 were the very first products to get it, along with other products obtaining the update within the coming days. A support page was setup enabling you to look into the status from the rollout upon your country and company. We’re to not get tips that various unlocked (and locked) Lumia 820’s and 920’s are actually getting Lumia Black.

Lumia Black, as you need to know right now, is really a firmware update for Nokia mobile phone models. It brings additional features towards the mix like Nokia Glance Screen 2. and support for Bluetooth LE. It is also needed to operate newer and more effective and up-to-date Nokia applications like Refocus, Beamer, Storyteller and Camera.

The guidelines we’re receiving claim that Lumia 920’s which are unlocked in India are some of the places obtaining the update. In Italia, customers will also be apparently finding the Lumia Black firmware update on their own Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 products. If put forth the Nokia Support page you will see that a few of these regions continue to be listed as “coming soon”, meaning page is most likely just a little behind the bend. If you notice your company and region listed as not far off, you may be getting that update today.

Abby just checked his Lumia 920 and truly does possess the Lumia Black update open to him in India, his Lumia 920 is unlocked.

Possess a Lumia 820 or Lumia 920? You might like to get into your phone configurations and scroll lower towards the “phone update” section and appearance for those who have an update waiting. If you discover Lumia Black, make sure to list your phone, company, and country below within the comments. Remember to look at Nokia’s software update page to determine the status in your situation.

Best of luck and thanks for visiting Lumia Black.

Just tips everybody!

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Application Update Roundup: Nokia Camera Beta Getting Amber Support, Evernote, and Readit, Receiving Additional Features

App Update Roundup

It's a later date, another batch of application updates for Home windows Phone. Just in case you've in some way skipped the shop notices or they haven't quite arrived at your smartphone yet, we have got your back. Today i will be searching at Readit, Nokia Camera Beta and Evernote. Mind on beyond the break for the particulars on what's new.


Readit 1.4.1.

​The popular unofficial Reddit client for Home windows Phone, Readit is a good application worth getting installed, whether you are an enthusiastic fan of multiple sub-reddits or just enjoy investing a couple of minutes every day searching at cat photos. It's our favourite Reddit client and also the developer has pressed out an extremely large update with plenty of changes and fixes. 

Here's a listing of all things that's new in version 1.4.1.:

  • Multireddits don't show a "." within the menu for remove yourself from list any longer
  • If "Show Read Posts" is off, and also you read the majority of a sub or perhaps the entire sub, links won't neglect to load any longer
  • "Show Comment Hierarchy Indications" option no longer working is bound
  • Treatment for the bug with new line/paragraph spacing issues
  • Live tile has become showing correct new message count after opening mailbox and shutting application
  • A publish with a lot of comments doesn't take a long time to load (as much as a few minutes) any longer
  • Subreddit search and manager visit &amplifier subscribe buttons align/size properly again
  • Application crash when attempting to submit a publish with no valid web connection has become fixed
  • Enhanced touch targets for comments and score counters

You are able to download Readit in the Home windows Phone Store for $1.99 (trial available).

QR: Readit

Nokia Camera

Nokia Camera Beta

The Finnish manufacturer has launched an update for that beta form of its camera application around the Home windows Phone Store. Within this new edition, it's mentioned that support continues to be implemented for Lumia Home windows Phones running the Amber software update. For anyone who is rocking a smartphone on stated firmware version, you'll have the ability to rock by helping cover their the most recent functionality.

If you want to test Nokia Camera in your Lumia Home windows Phone (and haven't had the ability to achieve this so far), read this beta version. You are able to download Nokia Camera Beta in the Nokia Collection around the Home windows Phone Store.

QR: Nokia Camera Beta


Evernote 4.2..1108

If you are unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a super popular mix-platform taking notes service, that has been on Home windows Phone for a while. The organization has launched an update presenting the Publish-it Note Camera feature. This new functionality enables you to definitely snap a photograph of the Publish-it Note to digitise and enhance handwritten to-dos and general notes.

The application instantly assigns notebook computers, tags and memory joggers to various colours of Publish-it Notes, that is a handy method of rapidly filing everything in the event you already use each colour for any different category. You can also add multiple Publish-it Notes one Evernote entry and check through handwritten text in images. 

You are able to grab Evernote in the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

QR: Evernote

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