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The High-end Nokia Android You’ve Been Waiting for may Actually Launch Soon

The Nokia Android dream is slowly coming to fruition, with the Nokia Normandy (Nokia X) expected to be unveiled at MWC 2014. But that’s not going to be the only Android phone coming from Nokia, or at least whatever will be left of the company once Microsoft grabs its mobile division. A new report from Chinese publication Tech.qq says that multiple Nokia Android devices across a variety of price points are in the making and may be unveiled later this summer. However, specific details about them aren’t available at this time.

Unnamed sources from Artesyn Technologies who are apparently aware of Nokia’s plans said that more Nokia Android handsets may hit stores in May or June, with the Nokia X expected to cost 1500 Yuan (or around $247). The other unknown handsets are reportedly out of beta and may soon receive FCC certification, as work on these devices started well before it was known Microsoft wanted to buy Nokia.

While Nokia may indeed be interested in creating more expensive Android handsets as well, it’s not clear how a high-end Nokia Android devices would look like and whether they’ll be able to compensate the lack of certain Android features that make the OS popular, including access to Google Apps such as the Google Play Store.

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday reported that while a Nokia Android handset is coming at MWC, the phone will run a forked Android OS that won’t have access to Google Apps. Nokia will reportedly replace Google’s Apps with similar solutions of its own including the Here map service, a Nokia app store and MixRadio music. Nokia’s focus with Android phones will still be emerging markets, were such devices may become popular with consumers, especially considering the company’s former position in the handset business in those markets.

Furthermore, Phone Arena points out that Microsoft will get several technologies that can be found on high-end Windows Phone devices made by Nokia including the PureView camera, the HAAC microphone or the ClearBlack displays following the purchase.

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Nokia Android Clad in Windows Phone Clothing – Coming Soon!

lumia-520-front-tiles-clubpenguinRumours that primary Home windows Phone OEM Nokia continues to be two-timing Microsoft by continuing to keep an Android phone project on its backburner happen to be doing the models for some time now. However the WSJ has expected more fuel about this fire, stating sources saying Nokia will unveil an Android-powered device later this month. Read more [...]

Nokia Android, Gates AMA, XP Help, Netflix Cards – Tech News Digest

By Dave Parrack on 11th February, 2014 | Google Android, Social Media, Tech News, Windows |  No Comments

Today in Tech News Digest, Nokia looks set to reveal an Android handset, Microsoft really wants Windows XP to die, Bill Gates reveals all in a Reddit AMA, Mark Zuckerberg is a surprisingly generous philanthropist, becomes Twitch Interactive, Bing has the Oscars covered, and Netflix is good at promotions.

Nokia Goes Android

There have been rumors for a long time that Nokia is developing a handset based on the Android operating system, and according to the Wall Street Journal, those rumors are true. The usual “people familiar with the matter” have stated that Nokia will unveil its Android phone at Mobile World Congress, a trade show kicking off on Feb. 24.

This news wouldn’t be all that interesting were it not for the fact that Microsoft has acquired Nokia, paying $7.4 billion for the Finnish company’s handset business. The deal hasn’t quite gone through, leaving Nokia clear to forge ahead with its Android line. The question is what will Microsoft do once Nokia is in its hands? Because selling an Android handset isn’t exactly going to help the cause of Windows Phone.

Microsoft Begs XP Holdouts

Microsoft is ramping up its efforts to move people off Windows XP and onto a more up-to-date version of Windows before the company ends support for the aging OS on April 8, 2014. The latest call to arms is aimed at friends and family of those people sticking with XP. The tone of the blog post suggests Microsoft thinks only old people and idiots still use XP, but a recent We Ask You discussion clearly showed this isn’t the case.

Bill Gates Reveals All

Bill Gates took part in a lengthy Reddit AMA (that could count as one of the best AMAs of all time), revealing several nuggets of interesting information. Subjects discussed include new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Gates’ new role consisting of picking “ambitious scenarios,” and whether he can still leap over a chair in a single bound (spoiler alert: he can’t). Gates even threw in a couple of videos, including the one embedded above. The full AMA is well worth a read.

Mark Zuckerberg Is A Big Donor

A lot of things are said about Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, many of them not exactly pleasant. But Zuckerberg clearly deserves some credit, as he has been named the most generous philanthropist in the United States for 2013. Zuckerberg gave an incredible $992.2 million to the ‘Silicon Valley Community Foundation’, though all of it came in the form of Facebook stock (18 million shares). Regardless, that’s still a lot of money. Becomes Twitch Interactive has changed its name to Twitch Interactive, proving just how popular its video games-focused streaming service has become. will remain as the name of the non-gaming livestreaming service, but the growth of has persuaded its parent company to adopt the moniker. That growth means 1 million broadcasters now stream themselves playing games every month. And with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both including functionality, the growth looks set to continue.

Bing Bags All The Oscars

bing oscars screenshot Nokia Android, XP Help, Gates AMA, Netflix Cards [Tech News Digest]

Bing has partnered with The Hollywood Reporter to bring its users all they need to know about the 2014 Academy Awards. The ‘Oscars Resource Guide’ is hosted at THR and powered by Bing. All of the nominees across the various categories are included, with reviews, bios, photos, and trailers included for film buffs to drool over. The 86th Academy Awards is due to take place on March 2.

Netflix Launches House Of Cards Against Humanity

And finally, Netflix has shown it’s rather clever at promoting itself, with an effort to create buzz around the second series of ‘House Of Cards’ achieving that goal. The very simple but effective gimmick was to release a ‘Cards Against Humanity’ expansion pack based on the show, and called, rather obviously, ‘House Of Cards Against Humanity‘. The free printed sets have all already gone, but interested parties can print out their own copies instead.

Tech News Digest… Breaking News Into Bite-Sized Chunks.

Image Credit: Martin Abegglen

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Realistic Thoughts on Nokia’s Android Plans

Chris Davies

It's not hard to get looking forward to the thought of Nokia implementing Android. Since the organization first introduced intends to change from Symbian to Home windows Phone at the begining of 2011, many have asked the knowledge of tossing along with Microsoft and it is distant-third-place platform instead of Google's OS. Without fail, with every new Lumia - may it be the 41-megapixel 1020 or even the phablet-scale 1520 - there is a small but vocal crowd who'll say "I'd purchase it, whether it went Android." Now, having a Nokia-badged Android device thought to become imminent, it's not hard to get looking forward to the business's near-legendary quality and also the versatility from the common software, but let us not succeed of ourselves.

I have been responsible for wanting for any "Nokia + Android" love-in myself. Actually, I'm able to recall telling Nokia's engineers back in the launch of the E7 at the end of 2010 just how much I wanted it had been Android (in those days at v2.2 Froyo) instead of Symbian which was running around the superbly-built aluminum Texting phone. Basically remember appropriately, they nearly handled to prevent moving their eyes at me.

Home windows Phone would be a huge improvement over Symbian, certainly, however that has not stopped the Android longing from tickling the rear of my thoughts as I have examined Lumia products in the last couple of years. It's not hard to view it as getting guaranteed is the silver bullet to Nokia's worries: forget about awaiting Microsoft to the court Home windows Phone designers and fill industry no requirement for Nokia to construct its very own applications to patch within the gaps in functionality.


With Microsoft's purchase of Nokia around the corner completion, you can reason that the OS gamble compensated off: if, that's, the thing is Lumia development being introduced underneath the same umbrella as Home windows Phone like a positive thing. What that leaves, though, is an extremely different segment that could be specific using its Android plans.

Remember Asha? Nokia surprised us using the Asha 501 in May of this past year, a financial budget touch screen phone that guaranteed a lot of the functionality of the smartphone while walking from the spec-treadmill. Nokia's wager was there will be a market - along with a large one - interested in the look connected with Lumia and also the versatility of the touch screen, but reluctant (or not able) to pay for a Home windows Phone.

Microsoft will require Asha too if this grabs Nokia's Wise Products devision, and it is expected is the alternative to current Asha products which should be the beneficiary of the new adopting of Android. Based on the newest chatter, Nokia will go ahead and take open-source areas of Google's software although not google's applications themselves, replacing such things as HERE Maps for Google Maps, and blend Radio for Google Play All Access.

Asha's existing core of the reworked S40 is going to be junked, so we are told, for any heavily-reskinned Android. The resulting OS could even look exactly the same as to the we have seen on newer Asha products, like the 503, pared to focus on low-cost, low-energy chipsets combined with minimal memory but still focusing on a financial budget cost.


The upside to Nokia is the fact that effective designers to port over applications for budget products like Asha will probably be a great deal simpler, since it has the whole Android cohort to focus on. Additionally, it regrettably implies that our hopes for a Lumia 1020 run by KitKat will not become a reality.

There is evidence that the marketplace for low-cost Nokia products is available the ongoing success from the Lumia 520/525 is an indication of that. Despite the fact that the unit known variously as "Normandy" and "Nokia X" is not likely to challenge the Universe S5 or even the LG G Professional 2 expected within the coming days, it may be enough to provide companies some sleep deprived nights in the still-blooming low-finish. Not for free has HTC conceded it dropped the ball by disregarding basic level customers ironically it might be Nokia, not Samsung, Huawei, or ZTE, that sweeps along with Android to take advantage of that omission.

Initially, then, you can argue there's little in Nokia's Android plans for individuals people teasing in the cutting-fringe of mobile phones to obtain looking forward to. Nevertheless, as we have found - to some extent of surprise, maybe - when we have stayed with Asha mobile phone models previously, there is lots to become stated for any small, affordable, lengthy-lasting, flexible little touch screen semi-smartphone. Our residual doubts were around applications, but when Nokia can deal with by using its undercover OS switch-flop, we might have to reconsider before presuming Microsoft will junk Asha beyond control.

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Specs of Nokia Normandy: Similar to Lumia 520; with Android!

52 mins ago Jan. 28, 2014 - 7:50 AM PST

We might be one step nearer to understanding what the rumored Android-powered Nokia Normandy phone is. Because of the relatively reliable @evleaks, the Normandy hardware shares many components with Nokia’s Lumia 520, a minimal-cost Home windows Phone that’s showing to become popular for Microsoft’s platform. When the leaked specifications are correct, Normandy could be easily listed within the $50 to $99 range, otherwise even lower.

The twin-SIM support and comparatively meager hardware further support my believed that the Normandy will supplant Nokia’s Asha type of entry-level mobile phones. Many are questioning if Microsoft allows Nokia to produce an Android-based device — Microsoft is going to close on the $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s products business — however i think Microsoft wants this phone released.

Why? The Asha type of mobile phone models meets a particular need — the reduced-finish market where there's room for sales growth, however it lacks in another: Support for Microsoft applications and services. By utilizing Android because the base for Normandy, Microsoft can take advantage of their software designed for Android to obtain first-time smartphone proprietors using Microsoft applications and services. When these individuals will be ready to step up to and including more capable device, they are able to migrate to some Lumia phone running Home windows Phone.

lumia 520

I really possess a Lumia 520 I selected one up for $40 unlocked and without contract. It lacks a 4G radio but Home windows Phone itself runs very well around the device. Actually, the woking platform has always carried out good on lesser hardware, that has some wondering why Microsoft would even need Android within the Normandy.

My suspicion is the fact that Home windows Phone is going to be “scaling up” a little later this season and can require more capable hardware for any good experience. In the April Build event, I be prepared to learn more particulars about this as Home windows Phone, Home windows RT and Home windows 8.1 gain in commonality in code and APIs, needing more horsepower inside a phone. In the event that happens, the Normandy running on Android using these specifications will work better.

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Latest Photo of Android Nokia “Normandy” Revealed

Although the concept that Nokia – that is potential owned by Microsoft (transition teams will work day and evening) – will release an Android phone appears farfetched, it’s obvious the Finnish company was seriously interested in the unit. Named ‘Normandy’, the reduced-finish hardware apparently runs a forked-form of Android, meaning it can’t access core-Google services.

You've seen some renders as well as a photograph, however a brand new image has made an appearance around the Sina Weibo site Palm Uncle (a minimum of, that’s our Bing translation). The photo is interesting since it shows the unit covered with its cover, that is frequently accustomed to mask its full design. Indeed many Nokia executives carry their pre-production Lumias in such instances when you are traveling.

Additionally, it shows the Nokia logo design startup on which appears like exactly the same display type because the Lumia 520 i.e. backlit Insolvency practitioners without any ClearBlack polarizer. The unit features only one button close to the bottom.

Not one other information was provided within the source.

A forked form of Android would obviously be less desirable than core Android fans want, and also the low-finish hardware will be the hug of dying. Many have thought this device was produced to obtain Microsoft to purchase the Asha brand additionally towards the Lumia one, since off-loading an element phone division could be harder in 2015. That might be a shrewd move by Elop and Nokia. Others have stated that it was Nokia’s ‘Plan B’ should things lose their freshness with Microsoft.

As the exact future plans for ‘Normandy’ aren’t known, there’s little evidence recommending that this is launched. Even when it were, it might be a 1-shot cope with most probably no support or further development, which makes it much more of a novelty than a menace to inexpensive Lumias.

Source: Weibo (login needed) Thanks, hengxiang32401, for that tip!

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Android Nokia Is More Than What You Think – A Great Upgrade For Asha

46 mins ago Jan. 13, 2014 - 7:32 AM PST

Last week the very first reported photos of Nokia’s Android software made an appearance as well as on Monday, additional images appeared, showing a bit more from the interface. The Verge spotted this picture on Twitter which, much like last week’s images, show two signal strength indications one for every Sim. That indicates the marketplaces for such phones: Exactly the same ones today offered by Nokia’s Asha line.

The general look of both phone and also the software within this picture complement with prior images from noted tipster @evleaks. This latest image is apparently from an engineering prototype from the Normandy, the alleged codename for that phone. It really doesn’t seem sensible for Nokia to go in the standard Android phone market with Normandy.

Rather, using Android to bolster their Asha line-up appears the likely play in my experience.


While Nokia required on Home windows Phone since it's primary smartphone platform in Feb 2011, a brand new Android line could provide the organization having a platform alternative for its Asha line, that are limited, low-cost mobile phone models offered in emerging marketplaces built on Nokia’s aging S40 platform.

By changing S40 with Android because the underlying platform to energy the Asha line, Nokia can engage in Android’s wide usage and developer support. Nokia can personalize the feel and look of Android, similar in method of Amazon’s Kindle, while building in use of Microsoft’s software and services. Think SkyDrive, Skype and Office.

Skype on Android

This method would gain Microsoft use of 100s of countless additional customers and achieve this through Android of sorts. Google’s platform may be the engine underneath the hood of these mobile phones to supply elderly features than S40. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Google re-labored Android with KitKat, or Android 4.4: The brand new platform can run well on phones with less than 512 Megabytes of memory.

I’m still attempting to wrap my mind around application support though. Turn to the Kindle for example. Since Amazon . com uses the Android Free Project, or AOSP, form of Android it doesn’t provide use of Google’s services for example Gmail, Chrome and also the Play Store.

That’s fine in Amazon’s situation because it produced its very own email client and Silk Browser, as well as it own application store. How Nokia would manage this — particularly by having an application store that supports software written to operate on Android — continues to be a wide open question.

Nokia Asha 501

No matter that, the process appears seem. Microsoft spent $7.17 billion on Nokia’s device business in September. Included in that deal, Microsoft acquired the Asha brand, passing on a foothold into new marketplaces.

It isn't likely that Microsoft could possibly get easily get its software and services running on S40 products however it is not sensible to abandon the company. Rather, switching it to Android gives the organization a method to push Asha like a modern-searching, low-cost line being an access point for Microsoft software. So when individuals Asha customers are prepared for some thing robust, they are able to step-up to Home windows Phone later on.

Why don't you use Home windows Phone for that Asha line to start with? It’s a legitimate question. But because Microsoft seems heading perfectly into a merger of sorts between Home windows Phone and Home windows RT, it appears as though the smartphone platform needs more horsepower underneath the hood, not less. Asha running Home windows services atop a light-weight form of Android will work better in the basic level.

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Android Nokia “Normandy” – Resurfaces

Chris Burns

Assuming you have had a look in the Nokia smartphone platform in the last couple of years, you realize good and well a couple of things are true. The very first is that Nokia runs either Home windows Phone or perhaps an odder, more compact operating-system known as Asha. The second reason is the phones produced by Nokia are vibrantly colored, distinctively formed, and definitely aren't designed for Android. This second affirmation appears to become breaking apart in the seams here at the beginning of 2014.

What we have heard about within the last couple of several weeks - and years, even - is the fact that Nokia continues to be available to dealing with Android, but was restricted by their contract with Microsoft. Here since Nokia generally is possessed by Microsoft in 2014, it appears that the break has happened. However little sense it can make now that certain is the owner of another, Microsoft's Nokia appears to possess sprung a leak, one which consists of a tool with codename "Normandy."


This little animal works together with an operating-system that's a minimum of according to Android, working with lots of exactly the same symbols along with a pull-lower status bar up top. There also seems to become two Sim slots, as evidenced through the two status bars up over the display in advance, along with a rather unique interface with simple one-color symbols and short text game titles.

This machine is "also simpler than Asha years old", states another through the title of Zhang Zhicheng who provides among the leaked photos now. Another photo originates from Twitter user Seamissu through GSMArena where they have got basically exactly the same phone, but this time around having a cover on the top. This really is much more likely an engineering sample inside a situation that hides (somewhat) the design from the device while it's being examined.


It might be an extremely strange occurrence if the device really did begin to see the light of day, but stranger everything has happened. Microsoft could equally well be permitting this device's creation to unfold to determine some ultra-low-cost sales worldwide while their Home windows Phone products still build steam right alongside.

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HTC and Nokia ought to be in Tears Owning to ‘Phablet Tragedy’

Eventually we'll tell our grandchildren the way the phone market was totally changed by Samsung’s Universe Note, which first showed in October 2011. Its 5.3-inch display size shocked and titillated phone experts, dividing them deeply within the sales prospects of these a monstrosity. Over a couple of quarters it grew to become apparent that customers have been holding a secret hunger for jumbo shows because the Note converted into an enormous global blockbuster.

It was the merchandise range that demonstrated Samsung has experience into consumer behavior that Apple doesn't possess. It was the merchandise range that assisted boost Samsung’s quarterly smartphone volume above 80 million models within the fall quarter of 2013, soaring far above Apple with $ 30 million models.

Samsung did phablets first also it did them right. However the era once the phablets gave Samsung a unique earnings and revenue edge are drawing for an finish. Probably the most alarming factor about the negative buzz around Samsung’s phone unit performance in Q4 2013 would be that the weakness is emerging soon after the large launch from the Universe Note 3.

Samsung’s latest behemoth first showed in a number of key marketplaces in the finish of September and offered ten million models by 50 percent several weeks. Because of this , why traders are so disappointed because they adjust Samsung Christmas quarter earnings anticipation underneath the fall quarter. The most recent phablet blockbuster was designed to guarantee Samsung a powerful Christmas.

It didn’t. Out of the box quite natural, the huge success from the original Note attracted a horde of rival items towards the nascent product segment. By summer time of 2013, leading phone review sites began running tales about the best looking phablets underneath the $200 cost point. Chinese and Indian suppliers had responded towards the jumbo screen story with amazing aggression and precision.

In the intervening time, that old guard of phone suppliers from HTC to Nokia mulled over their phablet methods too lengthy. The HTC One Max started trickling to promote in Taiwan in September and also the Nokia 1520 first showed in November. Sony’s pricey Xperia Z Ultra showed up to The United States in September.

This can be a story that demonstrates perfectly why these second-tier suppliers appear so condemned at this time within the high-finish market. They skipped the greatest new smartphone niche creation by 2 yrs, permitting Samsung to skim off all of the cream within the jug and providing Asian cheapie brands time to generate an excellent value segment at literally 70% underneath the cost reason for the most recent Universe Note.

After which HTC, Nokia and The new sony unveil their very own phablets between Samsung and also the budget brands. And they finally go into the ring, Samsung’s dissipating phone profit momentum signifies the phablet arc has already peaked.

Submit the clowns. Don’t bother — they’re here.

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Allegedly Proven Once Again – Nokia’s First Android Phone through Leaked Photos!

A picture allegedly showing the Nokia Normandy Android prototype continues to be released online on Chinese social networking Weibo (via WPCentral), with user WPDang stating that the rumored Android phone doesn't have Nokia branding on the back and front, like a previous image leak from @evleaks recommended. The Nokia Normandy should be the very first Android phone from the organization, even though the Finnish smartphone maker is stated to fork Android in the same way as Amazon . com does using its Amazon Kindle Fire OS. However, the interface from the system is blurred within the image below.

The telephone isn't likely to offer accessibility Google Play Store or to become a flagship device. Rather it'll likely address the reduced-finish smartphone market alongside Nokia’s Asha products running Series 40 OS. Hardware particulars for that Normandy aren't offered at this time around, however the image indicates the phone may have dual SIM abilities and have just one capacitive button.


Despite the fact that there has been a couple of gossips and reviews around the Normandy, including these image leaks, it isn't obvious whether Nokia will really launch an Android phone, considering the imminent Microsoft purchase of their mobile division.

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