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Nokia Android Clad in Windows Phone Clothing – Coming Soon!

lumia-520-front-tiles-clubpenguinRumours that primary Home windows Phone OEM Nokia continues to be two-timing Microsoft by continuing to keep an Android phone project on its backburner happen to be doing the models for some time now. However the WSJ has expected more fuel about this fire, stating sources saying Nokia will unveil an Android-powered device later this month. Read more [...]

Nokia Lumia Icon: Visit to Verizon, America

Today, Nokia is announcing the Nokia Lumia Icon: a higher-finish Home windows Phone available solely for Verizon Wireless Carrier within the U . s . States. Nokia’s latest Lumia is... Read more [...]

Preorder Nokia Lumia Icon, Land on Verizon February 20th

With yesterday’s basically obvious teaser for that Lumia Icon – also known as the Lumia 929 – you'd suspect that the launch date and announcement wouldn’t be too remote from now. Granted, expected dates have come and gone previously, however that Verizon stores are receiving inventory for add-ons and Nokia US is throwing up videos, we’re a lot more confident this time around around.

The most recent apple has got the Lumia Icon due for availability on Thursday, Feb 20th. Verizon typically launches new products with that day, to ensure that lines track of anticipation. Additionally, it matches prospects this device can come out before Mobile World Congress (so don’t expect so that it is introduced there).  

Much more, we’re hearing the Icon goes on pre-order at Microsoft Stores on Wednesday, Feb twelfth, having a $50 deposit, making the official announcement from Verizon by early next most likely.

Inventory (Click to enlarge)

The data and confirmation comes via in-store inventory entries, seen above. We’ve observed such proof previously, simply to have Verizon push the go as far back. Theoretically, that may happen here, but because pointed out earlier, in-store inventory and promotions have previously begun, which makes it not as likely.

The Lumia Icon, formerly referred to as Lumia 929, sports some spectacular specifications. Actually, it’s basically the Lumia 1520 inside a more compact package. Arriving Black or Whitened, the brand new Verizon flagship will sport the next features:

Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon

  • Home windows Phone 8 Update 3, Lumia Black
  • 5” 1080P AMOLED Display
  • 2.2 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 CPU
  • 32 GB internal Storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 20 Mega pixel PureView camera with dual Brought expensive
  • Qi-Wireless charging
  • 2510 mAh battery
  • 880 hrs Standby 13.83 hrs Talk-time
  • Dimensions: 5.37 in (H): 2.81 in (W): .41 in

Overall, it’s the spitting picture of the Lumia 928, however with leading edge hardware jammed right into a device that's only slightly taller than its predecessor. The Lumia Icon also sports metallic-frame round the body, greatly enhancing the feeling (and quality) from the device.

The Lumia Icon was formerly referred to as Lumia 929, but we’ve learned that Verizon asked for the marketing re-brand to higher differentiate from AT&ampT along with other service providers. This move is comparable to their ‘Droid movement once they first adopted Android products. There isn’t any evidence though this will end up standard for future Lumias (or what individuals is going to be known as under Microsoft).

Yesterday’s teaser video uses the tagline ‘See and listen to what you have been missing’, the same language utilized on Verizon’s website that accidentally went live a couple of occasions, basically verifying the relatedness.

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Why and How Nokia Engages With Community of Windows Phone

Nokia Dev Evening

Nokia is really a massive company, there is no arguing this, however the manufacturer has had the ability to build relationships its community of customers and designers effectively since joining Home windows Phone (and just before this too). Getting together with clients and also the community generally, may it be through social networking or perhaps hosting designed occasions, is a vital task but Nokia is among individuals companies that is simple to approach, regardless of what you are.

An extremely detailed interview with Carla Eid, Global Mind of Social Engagement and Advocacy, over on Nokia Conversations discloses the "7 super rules of engagement" the teams under Eid follow:

  • We uncover and get involved with relevant conversations.
  • We reward individuals who create wonderful things using their Nokias by featuring and increasing their content.
  • We give people the chance to try out the most recent Nokia items through device tests.
  • We inspire our community to become creative with creative content and challenges on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Facebook and Nokia Conversations.
  • We take people from the community to key occasions all over the world for example MWC, Nokia World, CES and Social Networking Week.
  • We build real associations through many years of community management on social networking, telephone, email and more importantly, one-to-one!
  • We offer our community with use of Nokia employees, from R&ampD to Product Managers to Marketing.

It's vital Nokia takes the above mentioned approach when confronted with its community, due to the fact feedback (both good and negative) is invaluable when getting together with customers, instead of simply delivering product bulletins and departing no room for anybody to obtain their say. Something which strikes us when attending occasions Nokia exists at may be the enthusiasm employees have, in addition to how friendly they're when confronted with customers, the press (writers) or perhaps designers.

Nokia Facebook
It is the small things.

In addition to posting bulletins and general communications between both the organization and also the community, numerous projects have released through the years, enabling the city to obtain involved and win some awesome awards. Nokia even enables you to definitely test drive a Lumia Home windows Phone, just just in case you want to help make your own mind up without concentrating on reviews, advice and support from organizations. Then you've the variety of photography contests running, helping customers get the most from their Home windows Phone and it is camera abilities.

"We're more personal, more giving and understanding. We amplify and showcase the very best of their efforts and encourage budding talent. Creating a community needs time to work, so we have associations which go back so far as eight years within the Nokia Connects community."

Searching towards the future, Nokia Connects will goal to make the most of new channels and the ways to communicate with the city. Using the purchase by Microsoft still in mid-air, we are certainly wishing this is a thing that moves across using the hardware division, if the deal eventually become completed.

We strongly urge you to definitely browse the interview entirely over on Nokia conversations. Perhaps you have contacted Nokia by any means? If that's the case, how was your experience?

Source: Nokia Conversations

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Nokia Lumia 520 surges in Europe; Verizon Getting 1080P Samsung Windows Phone + More


New AdDuplex data shows the Lumia 625 following the Lumia 520's growth with both Windows Phones taking Europe. Windows Phone is also shown to have had a rather successful Q4 2013.

AdDuplex, one of the largest advertising providers for both Windows and Windows Phone, has released data for the month of January. As is the case with each report we cover, the company has analysed usage from supported apps running the SDK to see how Windows Phone has altered, compared to previous months.

There were reports that Nokia failed to sell as many Lumia Windows Phones in Q4 2013 as the company did in Q3, but the ad provider recently released data to show that Windows Phone as a platform performed well through the fourth quarter.

Head past the break to see how the platform looks in the first month of 2014, including some new, unannounced hardware.

AdDuplex OS

Windows Phone 8 through Q4 2013

Microsoft maintains the stance that the company sold twice as many Windows Phones through the holiday season just passed, compared to 2012. If we look at how the OS versions chart compares against the one released in the December report, there's actually no difference at all – both figures are exactly the same. Does this mean that Windows Phone 8 completely flopped over the last 30 days? Not at all. 

For its previous report, AdDuplex collected data on December 27th – just days after Christmas as many new people presumably fired up new smartphones received as gifts. There was considerable growth for Windows Phone 8 last month against its predecessor, leading us to believe that this month we could well be looking at a return to normal levels of growth, now consumers have ceased the frantic download of apps from the store.

Let's also not ignore the fact Samsung too had a slight downer over the festive holidays with a decrease in revenue (due to high expenditures in marketing). Windows Phone 8 has had three updates since its release. Here's how the situation looks when Windows Phone 8 is broken down by those subsequent releases:

AdDuplex WP8 Updates

Less than 15 percent of Windows Phone 8 consumers have upgraded to Update 3. In fact, 18 percent of Windows Phone 8 handsets are still running Update 1, while Update 2 was detected on 67 percent of Windows Phones in the data sample. We strongly urge consumers to keep checking their Windows Phones to ensure they're running the latest version of Windows Phone – head to Settings, then hit "phone update" and check for updates.

AdDuplex US Carriers

T-Mobile growing in the US

On a rather miscellaneous note, the US telecom T-Mobile with its aggressive 'Un-carrier' marketing appears to be experiencing some substantial growth on the Windows Phone platform. The network is just behind AT&T on 25 percent, while Verizon Wireless sits in third on 21 percent. It'll be interesting to see how this alters once the Lumia Icon has been released to the general public on Verizon.

T-Mobile only stocks the Lumia 521 and Lumia 925--both top phones in their class--so it looks to be paying off for them, hitting the budget and high end range for consumers.

AdDuplex UK

Nokia Lumia 520 taking over Europe

Just like in other markets, the Lumia 520 is surging ahead, but in the UK the affordable Windows Phone has gained 10 percent in just 2 months. The Lumia 625 is now situated in the fourth position, behind the HTC 8S and Lumia 800. While we're pleased to see the Lumia 1020 enter the top ten, the Lumia 800 is still in second place, showing just how strong that particular handset was in the UK.

AdDuplex France

Joining the UK is France, where the Lumia 520 has crossed the 40 percent marker. Not only that, but the Lumia 625 is currently in second position, just shy of 10 percent. Then you have the Samsung ATIV S just behind the two Nokia Windows Phones, making France an interesting market to contrast.

AdDuplex Gemrnay

Germany holds the premium Lumia 920 Windows Phone as its number one device running Microsoft's OS. The Lumia 520 has gained more than 6 percent of the market in just two months, closing the gap between itself and the high-end sibling. Again, much like France, the Samsung ATIV S is again doing well and to top everything off the Lumia 1020 has entered the top 10.

AdDuplex Italy

Italy has always been a difficult market to convert from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, but those days are beginning to be assigned to the dustbin of history. The Lumia 520 is in first with 30 percent, followed by two Windows Phone 8 handsets, showing consumers are indeed upgrading to newer hardware.

Unannounced devices?

Samsung SM-W750V – we covered this device earlier this month, but AdDuplex has some more details to add. There's some bad news as the company has only seen the device on Verizon thus far, but the good news is that it's definitely not a Verizon variant of the ATIV S. What's interesting is the resolution is 1920x1080, but the screen size is just 4.3-inches, according to collected data. This could well be inaccurate i.e. an emulator of some sort, but we'll hopefully have concrete details at a later date. This 1080p device would join the Lumia Icon aka Lumia 929 as forthcoming devices.

Nokia RM-997 –​​ another phone that has been spotted several times in the past. Running Windows Phone 8.0, this device has a 4-inch WVGA 800x480 screen and has been seen almost exclusively in China. 

This AdDuplex report is based on data collected from 2,899 Windows Phones running the AdDuplex SDK version 2. While this report is by no means 100 percent accurate, it's a solid look at the Windows Phone platform. Data was collected over the day of January 23rd of this year. 

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Nokia Lumia Black Windows Phone 8 is Here With Flagship Features

JC Torres

"Better late than never" is really a cliché that appears especially right for Nokia. It has been a couple of several weeks within the making however the guaranteed Lumia Black update is finally here to create some high-finish features to a lot of Nokia's Home windows Phone 8 Lumia phones.

Nokia dropped the title Lumia Black last October at Nokia World 2013 because the working reputation for an update to the Home windows Phone 8 line. The update was guaranteed to create a number of features which were located on the Nokia Lumia 1520 flagship, also revealed on that day. The update is finally here and appears to provide, with the exception that some features are only open to certain mobile phones that satisfy the hardware needs.

A great number of the brand new features center around imaging and camera. The brand new Nokia Camera application combines three camera modes into one, video, Wise Camera, and Nokia Professional Camera that allows customers change configurations via translucent concentric circles overlaid on the top from the viewfinder, permitting these to immediately begin to see the results of the brand new configurations. Also visiting individuals Lumia phones which have 1 GB of RAM is Nokia Refocus, an application that allows you concentrate on any anchorman within the viewfinder, clouding the relaxation, to have an artistic effect.


The Lumia Black update several great new applications. Nokia Beamer arrives for phones with 1 GB of RAM or even more, letting customers beam not only images but additionally documents and presentations to the HTML5-enabled screen simply by checking a QR Code. Nokia Storyteller, which first showed around the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 this past year, collates your photos by place and time, creating a fascinating story that you could view over an interactive map. Storyteller is going to be on all products finding the update.


However the update is not no more than fancy additional features. Nokia and Microsoft have labored together to create Lumia Home windows Phone 8 simpler for well. Lumia Black introduces a brand new homescreen tile known as Application Folder, which, as you may have suspected, is really a container for grouping applications and configurations right into a single location in your homescreen. Nokia Glance has additionally been update to version 5. and today supports exhibiting as much as 5 notification symbols on screen while offering evening time colors of red-colored, eco-friendly, or blue to really make it simpler to see the screen even at nighttime. The recording below demonstrates a number of Lumia Black's highlights.

The Nokia Lumia Black update is beginning to unveil and will also be open to a great number of Nokia's Home windows Phone 8 mobile phones. For the time being, however, just the Lumia 1020 and also the Lumia 925 are experiencing the update, with other people to follow along with within the days in the future.


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