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Nokia with Continental Intensifying Alliance on Future Automobile Developments


Nokia today introduced joint development with Continental for next-gen Electronic Horizon, Automated Driving and new Intelligent Transportation Systems according to high precision map technology. Unveiling the intensification of stated collaboration in the United States Worldwide Auto Show in Detroit, the 2 companies will turn to "bring the Connected Vehicle to existence."

The 2 teams will start with the introduction of highly precise map technology for Continental's Electronic Horizon platform, that will enable automobiles to continuously determine its position on the path to within 3-8 inches. Maps includes a variety of road information, including lane markings and connectivity, speed restriction modifications, signs and much more. 

Fraxel treatments advancement will further bring automation into have fun with automobiles responding to shifting conditions, including altering speed limits and much more. It's thought this kind of advancement will enhance the overall experience for motorists in areas for example comfort, efficiency and safety.

Continental aims to supply a complete finish-to-finish connected Electronic Horizon solution, according to HERE services and knowledge, to vehicle producers worldwide. The organization is presently focusing on automobiles moving off set up lines by 2020. 

HERE Connected Driving

The collaboration between Continental and Nokia not just covers automated driving, but additionally lays fundamentals for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Both sides think that you will see numerous phases within the evolution towards connected ITS, which automated driving is a.

Ralf Lenninger, Mind of Interior Electronics Solutions, Continental said the next on present day announcement:

"With precise map data came from here and also the connected Electronic Horizon, we'll achieve developments across every area of today’s vehicle-based individual mobility. Using the connected Electronic Horizon, vehicle producers will have the ability to reduce their vehicles’ CO2-footprint by a minimum of two grams per kilometer. Additionally, exact map data can make the driving experience more fun and safe by supplying helpful details about road congestion to ensure that motorists can predetermine alternate routes, in addition to a method to adapt future Brought front lights functions towards the road ahead."

With Nokia shifting the business's focus to HERE, NSN and it is patent portfolio, we are excited to understand what Nokia intends to do later on, regarding not just telecommunication technology, but additionally making use of our lives.

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