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Nokia Normandy Revealing its Android OS Leaked in photos!

Nokia Normandy

We lately covered the Nokia Normandy, a minimal-finish Android smartphone that was considered to be in development. This news was met with both disbelief and speculation, particularly with Microsoft while buying Nokia's hardware division. Today, we are searching in a new photo from the Nokia Normandy.

To begin with, we'll obtain the apparent view - there is no Nokia logo design. Based on the evleaks Normandy image (see above), there's obvious branding both around the rear and front from the phone. Nevertheless, anything else inspections out (such as the single capacitive button) don't let continue evaluating the 2 against each other. Additionally, there are indications of dual-SIM support.

Nokia Normandy

The phone will apparently run "forked" Android, meaning customers who buy a Nokia Normandy may have no accessibility Google Play store, similar to Amazon . com and also the Amazon Kindle Fire. The reduced-finish Android device would be also just that - low-finish. This can go plus the company's Asha selection of items running on Series 40.

What exactly are your ideas on the Nokia Normandy, operated by Android?

Source: WPDang thanks, answer1626, for that manages!

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Nokia Lumia 920 Jailbroken, But There Are More Questions Than Answers

File this under unrealistic, however the venerable Lumia 920 has allegedly been jailbroken. That’s the claim from hacker poandsou and Silen Tech, who've published a relevant video allegedly showing a Lumia 920 using the jailbreak enabled. For proprietors from the Lumia 920, or potentially every other Home windows Phone 8 device, jailbreaking could bring a brand new avenue of development and personalization, if this should claim end up being viable for that average user.

We ought to caution that none of these tips have been individually verified, so at this time around we're taking them in their word. Even when it is a fact, you will find lots of particulars that should be completed before substandard anything.

Alleged jailbroken Lumia 920 with three-column layout

The claim

‘Jailbreaking’ is really a term with lots of meanings, though it’s most commonly connected using the apple iphone. To jailbreak a Home windows Phone means that certain could install non-approved software to the device via a third-party “store”. Ideally, it might also mean you could operate a registry editor and modify low-level OS configurations that just OEMs connect too.

That's the claim by poandsou and Silen Tech, though regrettably you will find no particulars how it has allegedly been accomplished. For example, if this sounds like some software change (via USB along with a PC program), it would mean that anyone having a Lumia 920 and a while on their own hands could make this happen task. However, if the requires hardware e.g. a JTAG ‘riffbox’, this could considerably impair the common ability of standard customers to impart this hack.

A relevant video proven below, along with a photo happen to be published to allegedly show this hack continues to be accomplished. Within the video, we have seen an individual walking through the entire process of unleashing the unit, although it is presented in Chinese. Within the photo from the jailbroken Lumia 920, we are able to view it running with three posts of tiles, an element that may be enabled or disabled using a registry alternation in Home windows Phone 8 Update 3 (it’s disabled in products which are 5-inches or more compact because of produced small tiles).

Obviously, photos may be easily photoshopped simply by placing a screenshot from the Lumia 1520 onto a Lumia 920 (see our image below)

Potential uses

What exactly good would a jailbroken phone be? The masterminds behind this effort want to produce a Cydia-like store for Home windows Phone. Cydia is definitely an unofficial store for iOS that enables customers to set up non-Apple approved software that may customize the OS look, feel and performance. While piracy is an issue, that's not the aim of they behind this supposed hack, and actually they'll attempt to prevent it whenever possible.

Another benefits is always to allow Lumia 920 proprietors to change and modify their OS in a deep level, altering Bluetooth stacks, changing phone behavior not to mention, enabling such things as three posts of tiles. This kind of exploit was already accomplished around the Samsung ATIV S, so a number of this really is achievable.

Consider the particulars of the jailbreak haven't yet been detailed a large amount of this remains hypothetical.

Photoshopped Lumia 920 with three column support

Do people want jailbroken Home windows Phones?

While jailbreaking seems like an enjoyable factor to complete on mobile phones, the truth is it's and try to is a niche subculture. Honestly, many people buy phones with no aim of dedicating significant time for you to enhance them. Hacking and ‘modding’ is well-liked by Android, but it isn't really relevant to individuals purchasing Home windows Phones.

You've seen some jailbreaks and unleashing of Home windows Phone previously, namely the Chevron WP7 project years back (see our ‘homebrew’ coverage). But even if Microsoft aided using the project, of course half-heartedly, the city never really rallied round the idea, and rather appeared quite happy with departing things be.

If Silen Tech and poandsoul deliver about this project, that they have guaranteed to do this when completed, it remains seen if Home windows Phone customers will build relationships this endeavor or allow the subterranean. From consider your experience, we’re betting around the latter. For the time being, it is simply lots of smoke, but no fire.

Exactly what do you folks think? Breakthrough, bogus or trivial?

Source: Silenstd via: WPCentral Forums, XDA Forums

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Great Deal: Lumia 1520 for $79.99 ONLY at any US Fry’s Electronics

Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is really a animal of the phone. Its six-inch display packs an attractive full HD display at 1080p. Daniel’s used it as being his daily driver and extremely wants it. If Santa didn’t provide you with one for Christmas, you might like to give yourself a break with this particular deal from Fry’s Electronics.

What’s the offer? What about obtaining the Lumia 1520 just for $79 for on-contract prices. It is not bad, thinking about exactly the same on-contract prices is $199.99 through AT&ampT. It's important to visit a physical Fry’s Electronics place to utilize this deal. Put on the web site and they’ll redirect you to definitely their physical stores to seize the Lumia 1520 just for $79.99.

Lumia 1520 Fry's

Fry’s has locations in a variety of areas of the U . s . States. California has got the greatest quantity of Fry’s stores with ample locations on sides from the condition. Texas also offers a number of stores that you should take a look at in main urban centers. Others may wish to look into the Fry’s website for any full listing of locations.

Anybody considering obtaining the Lumia 1520 just for $79.99? Seem off below.

Source: Fry’s

Just tip Rodney! 

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Music Genius? Prove it with Nokia MixRadio’s MixMaster on Your Windows Phone!


So you have got your earphones on full blast together with your favourite playlist destroying damage to your ears, but simply how knowledgeable are you currently if this involves music generally? You're ready to put all you know towards the test with MixMaster. The Home windows Phone game utilizes Nokia's MixRadio API to create together intuitive and addictive game play.

When loading up MixMaster, the overall game asks if you are attempting to play single player or against someone else (on another Home windows Phone) via Bluetooth - you can simply absorb it turns to determine who will get the greatest score through each round. Once you have established just the number of rockers and modders is going to be playing, the following option determines difficulty, whether it is normal, hard or insane.

MixMaster App

The goal of the overall game would be to guess which track it's with the option of two artworks available. You simply get thirty seconds price of seem to assist you. It might seem not so difficult, however it can be challenging, particularly if you are not 100 % sure. You will find a number of mixes and genres available, and you've got the option of which you want to choose before the overall game starts.

Why is MixMaster unique may be the integration with Nokia's MixRadio service. What this means is a powerful database of music, numerous mixes and so on available, in addition to choices to purchase each track mid-game (just just in case you discover newer and more effective gems you want the seem of). That's as well as the replayability offered through randomised mixes. 

MixMaster Lead

If you cannot turn on the overall game and obtain began, it's possibly because you are utilizing a Lumia 1020, which seems to become not able to load the overall game beyond the splash screen. Download MixMaster in the Home windows Phone Store free of charge (only supports WVGA (480x800) and WXVGA resolutions (768x1280) - requires Home windows Phone 8).

QR: MixMaster

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