10 Top Strategies to Get The Perfect Panorama Shot With Your Nokia

Did Santa provide you with a Nokia Lumia or had you been already a proud who owns one? If that’s the case, this is the time to take full advantage of its fabulous breathtaking abilities.

Jonas from The Mobile Photography Blog, who presented us with a few super beautiful Nokia Lumia cityscape photos this past year, come up with these ten professional tips about how to fit more masterdom into a single photo. So that as if to prove us the tips actually work, also, he sent us his blog’s best panorama shots adopted a Nokia smartphone.

If these photos are almost anything to judge by, by taking your perfect panorama on the Nokia smartphone is completely possible. So, here’s Jonas’s ten top panorama secrets time for you to release the David Bailey in your soul and push that camera button!

1. Bring your photos in Portrait instead of Landscape. This gives you more room for popping in the finish.

2. Help make your photos a little wider than what you would like to determine within the final panorama to improve your odds of success.

3. Take several shots of the identical points. This can improve stitching and lower any problems triggered by different exposures and/or whitened balance.

4. Transform it around! A panorama doesn’t always need to be horizontal – for skyscraper photos, for instance, a vertical panorama is the ideal choice.

5. Test out whitened balance and contact with get balanced colours and lightweight across your panorama.

6. Try the cheapest ISO first at a lower price noise.

7. Sometimes it’s still the car configurations which will enable you to get the greatest results. With them doesn’t cause you to less professional!

8. For instantly shareable panoramas, make use of your phone application like Nokia Camera, that also has a great tutorial regarding how to place the panorama together.

9. If you’ll need a greater resolution panorama, want to maintain your original photos or expect to do more extensive editing, try stitching the photos using PC software like Microsoft ICE or Autostitch.

10. When you are done, make sure to share your leads to The Mobile Photography Blog!

Itchiness to obtain stitching? We are too at Nokia Conversations. Hopefully to determine plenty of new panorama talent soon at our fave smartphone snapper towns like The Mobile Photography Blog. Please share your very best shots around, too, and inform us which tip you found most handy! Any others that spring to mind? We’re all ears. Meanwhile, you want a snappy Year!

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