Create Valentine’s Cards: Love on Lumia

Love Day offers an opportunity to demonstrate our affection towards others, however the day has slightly different associations all over the world.

We glance at a few of the different customs, together with methods for allowing the perfect photographs for any special Love Day card together with your Nokia Lumia and Nokia Creative Studio.

Love Day happens every year around the 14th Feb, and it is also called the Feast of Saint Valentine. Within the United kingdom, we celebrate by providing gifts, flowers and cards to the family members, but it’s celebrated diversely based on country.

In certain Latin American nations, for example, Love Day is well known like a day’s love and friendship, where individuals walk out their method to show appreciation for individuals they are concerned about.

The idea of innocent friendship is well known in a number of different nations, too, for example Estonia, where individuals give gifts or meet up with buddies.

You will find still lots of nations that reserve Love Day like a day to celebrate associations though. In China, a guy typically gives chocolate or flowers towards the lady he loves, even though the day is well known afterwards around.

However large the variations are all over the world though, one factor has a tendency to stay the same, and that’s delivering a card to inform people who we like and worry about them.

Creating Love Day cards with Nokia Creative Studio

Below are great tips for developing a Love Day card making use of your Nokia Lumia and Nokia Creative Studio.

Once you’ve selected out individuals special photographs, you should use the main focus+Blur function in Creative Studio to fantastic effect, getting the topic of your photograph towards the foreground and clouding images without anyone’s knowledge.

If you are considering utilizing a photo with both you and your family member in the center, it’s an effective way of eliminating faces and individuals without anyone’s knowledge, or simply for focusing in around the people who matter.


Click on the edit button, and underneath the ‘Blur’ tab press ‘Focus object’ to obtain began. Following a instructions onscreen, draw round the object that you would like to stay in focus, after which draw round the object you need to be blurred. The finish results speak on their own, also it couldn’t be simpler to complete.


Colour Pop can also be ideal for a Valentine’s card, allowing you to add coloured accents to black and whitened photographs. Wish to bring a vibrant red-colored heart to existence? This is actually the application to get it done with.


To make use of Colour Pop, open the look you need to edit, swipe towards the ‘Play’ page and tap ‘Colour Pop’. All that you should do is press the region you would like in colour, and tap areas you need to be black and whitened.


The Collage feature may also happen to be custom-designed if this involves creating your personal romantic cards, having the ability to add all your favourite photographs into one loving collage. Selection photograph for any romantic card?

In the Play tab, click ‘Collage’, after which select the images you need to add. You are able to move photographs around within the collage therefore the particulars you would like are in the actual area you would like them.

Once you’re pleased with your finished photographs, it’s very easy to talk about all of them with a PC via SkyDrive, Bluetooth, email or perhaps USB, where one can print them and add these to your Love Day card.

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