First Impressions – Nokia Asha 502

The Nokia Asha 502 released at Nokia World 2013 late this past year, together with the Asha 500 and Asha 503. I’ve lived with Nokia’s latest baby within the last handful of several weeks continue reading in my first impressions.

The look is easily the most striking feature around the Nokia Asha 502, and it truly is an excellent searching phone. The transparent backing that covers the situation is of interest and strange, giving the rear and sides from the phone a shiny finish that suits the display.

With Dual SIM technology, you are able to pop another Sim in to the side from the phone and employ it for work and private calls. I discovered it truly simple to use, because of a drop-lower bar towards the top of the screen letting me choose which Sim to make use of after i wanted to create a call or send a note.

Changes to Fastlane

The alterations to Fastlane around the Nokia Asha 502 result in the greatest impact on my technique for using the telephone, as there’s now much more choice that features can be included to the Fastlane feed.

It’s not only a situation of picking the applications featuring I’m interested in I really like the very fact I’m also able to remove individual products from Fastlane by simply tapping and holding, which makes it a great deal simpler to help keep private messages and notices from spying eyes.

It’s become my default readers for Facebook updates, for example, wonderful my notices showing up on Fastlane. And when there’s something quite different that I’d rather stick to myself, it’s now simple to remove in the homescreen.

Photography and internet sites

The Nokia Asha 502 also brings a much better camera towards the party, having a 5-megapixel sensor leading to far better photographs. There is a expensive to begin with, meaning I’m able to take button snaps of my cat in the home, regardless of how poor the sunlight is, and the standard is much more than sufficiently good to tell my buddies on Facebook – again made simpler because of the integrated social media applications.

The development of WhatsApp is really a welcome one, also it was the very first application which i used after i unboxed the telephone, getting in contact with buddies and ultizing my Asha’s Wi-Fi connection.

Because of the straightforward navigation and check choices on the Nokia Store, I’d rapidly downloaded LINE and WeChat in my Asha 502 too, which makes it simple to connect with people all over the world without needing to purchase costly texts.

Toss in battery power existence that’s easily measured in days, and also the Asha 502 is a superb all-rounder. I certainly love mine it’s probably the most desirable affordable mobile phone models around.

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