Lumia 1520: Get Creative

The Nokia Lumia 1520 includes a whopping 6-inch 1080p full HD screen, that’s well suited for consuming media. But it is also well suited for which makes it. That screen is another canvas, or perhaps a guitar, or virtually anything you like so that it is.

Maybe take a while from watching video, reading through magazines and books, making new things rather?

I’m staying away from photography here, because we discuss it all the time on Conversations.

What about indicating yourself inside a different medium?

All of the fun with no mess 

Microsoft’s Fresh Fresh paint may be the stand-out application if this involves getting active with a few brushes in your phone. The application, that also is available in versions for Home windows 8 Computers and pills such as the Lumia 2520, has got the additional virtue to be free of charge.


Technology-not only to produce brand-new works of art and sketches, or make use of a photograph out of your camera or even the Internet because the beginning point for any creation. Fresh fresh paint is really a ‘natural media’ style painting application, therefore the virtual paper includes a grain, as well as your virtual offers create brush strokes and merge together as they are being used.

The application has received lots of fans with a few incredibly gifted artists included in this. So instead of subject you to definitely my splodges, here’s a relevant video in the app’s designers.

They also offers devoted Pinterest and Facebook pages.

Little stars

Getting creative with music warrants its very own separate publish (one which the team’s already focusing on). Nevertheless, I’ll just spend a few sentences introducing Virtual Instruments, due to the fact I’d an enjoyable experience having fun with the application alongside my youthful nephews.

It will not be a massive surprise this application enables you to definitely simulate instruments. Using the free version, you obtain access to steel drums, a piano as well as an electric guitar. The entire form of the application opens almost an entire orchestra from the harp to some banjo.


The application allows you tap out tunes together with your fingers with an onscreen keyboard. You may either help make your own mess, freestyle (my nephews’ favourite), or make an effort to become familiar with a popular tune. You receive four of those free of charge, while having to pay for that application opens about 30.

I do not think it’s likely you’ll progress from Virtual Instruments to concert pianist in a rush, but it’s very exciting and may well unlock a youthful user’s desire for making music.

Write on

Here’s one further set of showcase applications for creativeness together with your Lumia 1520, concentrating on other branches from the arts entirely.

Poetry and Motion creates poetry from an unlimited assortment of fridge magnets. It’ll come up with a grammatically viable sentence from the huge dictionary. It could have the ability to create poems, eventually, but possibly it’s more helpful as some inspiration. Whether it hits on something like, you are able to tweak it, word by word, then store it inside your favourites or share it together with your buddies.


Lastly, no serious creative is visible without their Moleskine notebook. With no creatively inclined Lumia 1520 owner ought to be seen with no official Moleskine application. As stylish and awesome his or her physical alternatives, virtual Moleskine notebook computers are perfect for jotting lower creative thought, jottings and diagrams. The app’s design follows the fashionable look from the real factor and could be produced in ‘notes’, ‘weekly’ and ‘passion’ formats, to match various kinds of notes.

How else are you currently getting creative together with your Lumia?

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