Nokia Asha 501: Mood Music by Moodagent

Moodagent is a straightforward and engaging very good music player for that latest Nokia Asha range, choosing playlists out of your music library to fit your mood.

The fundamental premise this is a simple one. The application is dependent on a picture equalizer-style group of mood slider mobile phones, which you’ll progress or lower for the way happy you are feeling. The playlists will change accordingly.

You will find five slider mobile phones as a whole anger, love, happiness, sadness and tempo. Slide the very first four lower, set the tempo slider up to it is going, and also the playlists is going to be created of fast and raucous tracks.

Slide the interest rate lower, and also the sunshine up, and also the tunes do really undertake a more happy pitch. Equally, we found a dark tone required a turn for that reduced and sadder whenever we whacked in the slider having a storm cloud onto it.

Combine emotions

The advantage of by using this sliding product is that it is simple to combine emotions to different levels. For each other and happy? Slide both of them up. This function also creates an effective way of  listening to various kinds of music.

There are also pause, back and skip buttons at the end from the screen. So, if you are more familiar with choosing your personal tunes or hearing full albums, it’s very easy to skip with the tunes you’re less than so keen on.

For establishing Moodagent, it truly is among the simpler applications readily available for the most recent Asha range. Just open Moodagent also it will instantly search your memory for just about any music. Then you definitely are all set.

Should you increase the music for your memory, simply swipe upwards to spread out reception menus, and tap ‘Sync’ to combine it with Moodagent.

And that’s all there’s into it. What we should love may be the simple character of Moodagent tell it your feelings and you may focus on the most significant factor: listening and taking pleasure in your own music.

Moodagent has become available too for that latest Nokia Asha family, such as the Asha 501, 502 and 503.

We’d like to hear what you believe and which mood you opt for for the greatest mixes? Tell us within the comments below.

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