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People define themselves in a myriad of interesting ways, only one is as simple as we’ve got the technology they own and love.

At Nokia Conversations, we have seen this each day through the amazing ways people and full towns use our mobile phones. Whether or not this is writers examining our latest Lumia, photography enthusiasts developing new genres of photography or free-runners videoing their latest moves, one factor that unites all of them is the passion for Nokia. It is this passion, that has powered our Nokia Connects program and been the driving pressure behind it getting bigger and.

Now inside it is eighth year, Connects have provided numerous people their first taste in our tech, displayed 1000’s of stunning tales and celebrated our fantastic community of Nokia advocates in all sorts of various ways. Using the program now accepted ever, we think it is time for you to meet up with the lady in the helm and uncover much more about Connects is past, present and future.

Please place your hands together for Nokia Connects Mind Honcho and mobile maestro, Carla Eid.

Thanks for joining us, Carla. You are the worldwide Mind of Social Engagement and Advocacy. Do you know us what which means used and just how your projects pertains to Nokia Connects?

Happily, my role will be a lot simpler to understand than my job title. To put it simply, I lead they who’re the general public face of Nokia. What which means used is running all of the global social channels for example Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Facebook etc. What this means is we obtain to talk with Nokia customers worldwide and listen to the things they are loving and just what they are not, and react to their opinions, their suggestions as well as their questions.

I additionally help our global and native teams launch all individuals fun social engagements and campaigns the thing is and listen to about, whether or not this is Generation Tales or discussing some #NokiaGloveLove. However, nearly all my day is spent leading the worldwide Nokia Connects program, meaning helping Nokia fans do the things they love best, have fun with Nokias, and helping would-be fans discover why they ought to have fun with Nokias!

Our 7 super rules of engagement

Nokia includes a huge community of fans, everybody from tech writers and application designers to mobile photography enthusiasts and movie makers. So how exactly does Nokia Connects build relationships all of them why is it essential to do this?

We interact with people on many different levels. You are able to break it lower into things i call our “7 super rules of engagement”

  • 1. We uncover and get involved with relevant conversations.
  • 2. We reward individuals who create wonderful things using their Nokias by featuring and increasing their content.
  • 3. We give people the chance to try out the most recent Nokia items through device tests.
  • 4. We inspire our community to become creative with creative content and challenges on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Facebook and Nokia Conversations.
  • 5. We take people from the community to key occasions all over the world for example MWC, Nokia World, CES and Social Networking Week.
  • 6. We build real associations through many years of community management on social networking, telephone, email and more importantly, one-to-one!
  • 7. We offer our community with use of Nokia employees, from R&D to Product Managers to Marketing.

It is essential for a lot of reasons. Clearly, you want to keep our fans informed about new items, services, occasions and changes to the organization. I usually make certain that the large news we have will get distributed to as a number of our fans as you possibly can. We would like these to listen to it from us first and get the opportunity to request questions and share their feedback. Because of this, we obtain plenty of honest feedback, negative and positive, so we may take everything aboard.

And importantly, we are able to respond rapidly too. This is when we actually enter into our very own. Because of our social networking channels and blog we are able to share people’s opinions with the proper people at Nokia which help instigate change. If people do not discuss you, they do not care. I would favor a couple of complaints now and than complete silence. You just consider the comments here on Nokia Conversations to determine how engaged individuals are with this items.

The best Nokia Connects projects

Nokia Connects has released a large number of projects through the years, including tests, blog series and competitions. Are you able to share a number of your favorites and just what you should like about the subject?

1. The Nokia Connects trial programme

It was the very first initiative and it is still typically the most popular. It provides use of Nokia phones to anybody with an intention in testing, going through and creating with Nokia technology, while inspiring honest, sincere reviews and opinion.

2. The Nokia Lumia Challenges 

A continuing competition that challenges the city to shoot photos, videos as well as create things using their bare hands. I really like the loads of desire for the company which comes through in a few of the records.

3. The Nokia Lumia Instagramer each week

 This can be a relatively recent blog series we have released featuring the astonishing ways Nokia Lumia photography enthusiasts are utilizing Instagram to build up their photography. If you have the planet’s best camera smartphone it seems sensible to celebrate the planet’s most widely used photography community. I really like the insight this provides into Lumia fans lives worldwide.

4. My favourite 5 Nokias ever

Nokia includes a lengthy and glorious good reputation for mobile tech innovation therefore it is no real surprise we have such devoted fans. This series request probably the most passionate customers (frequently with collections of Nokias numbering within the 100s!) to talk about their passion for Nokia tech by speaking regarding their favorite Nokias ever. It creates immeasurable discussion and extremely helps underline both Nokia’s pedigree and also the enthusiasm in our community.

5. The Nokia Lumia 1020 launch

The wedding was perhaps probably the most historic from the last couple of many it produced an enormous buzz. It had been great to determine the thrill of everybody’s faces, from Nokia people like Chris Weber to writers and tech press alike.

6. The MVC- Most Valued Connector 

Mtss is a great initiative, which remembers our community each month by giving our state-of-the-art, creative or positive member the title Most Valued Connector. Anybody could be nominated plus they are chosen on by our panel. The champion reaches be displayed along with a awesome prize, like helicopter rides or photography outings. I really like how showcases the variety and passionate people we’ve.

Why everyone loves Nokia Connects

Why is this kind of approach stand out and just how do people respond to it?

Our approach is reputable and honest. We are just like a family with lots of close buddies instead of fans. To begin with, we treat writers in likewise way once we treat the tech press. They’re just like vital that you us. We never request for anything in exchange on their behalf taking pleasure in our technology. Exactly the same could be stated in our community of passionate customers. We all do everything we are able to to inspire which help them develop their creativeness. What’s more, once they do, we take their content first. You just visit Connects here on Nokia Conversations or our Twitter feed to determine the way we share their ideas, reviews, videos, images, creativeness in most it is many wonderful forms.

How does someone respond to it?

They like it! The feedback we obtain is amazing. Nokia fans and writers alike inform us we treat these questions completely different method to our competition. We’re more personal, more giving and understanding. We amplify and showcase the very best of their efforts and encourage budding talent. Creating a community needs time to work, so we have associations which go back so far as eight years within the Nokia Connects community.

Because of social networking it is simpler than ever before to interact using the Nokia community. How can you check this out engagement changing later on?

With visual content platforms for example Instagram and Vine becoming more popular then ever, I believe the large change is going to be for the reason that area. We’ll must find more and more creative methods to engage the Nokia community through video and photo content. We have started this season served by the launch of brand new Instagram and Vine channels for Nokia Connects and also the global Nokia official channels. They are growing bigger each day so we have got plenty of exciting ideas about how exactly we are able to involve our community. If you are a digital photographer or filmmaker, make sure to watch this space!

It is obvious from Carla’s words that spending time with the Nokia community is really a work of affection. Which is really no real surprise. Our community is, within our opinion, unlike any other on the planet. Again and again, everyone and women amaze us together with your enthusiasm, your resourcefulness as well as your breathtaking creativeness.  To quote the late, great Freddie Mercury, we believe “It is a type of miracle.” But how about you? Tell us that which you love best about Nokia Connects and also the Nokia community within the comments below.

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