Nokia Lumia 1520 SIM Unlock from AT&T

If you possess the Nokia Lumia 1520 from AT&T and intend to travel overseas, you’re most likely thinking about unleashing the unit so that you can use local a SIM. This could save you cash on roaming costs or worldwide rates. AT&T causes it to be super easy to unlock your device by supplying a web-based form, however, you must meet several needs.

We’ve just unlocked our AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520. Read onto discover how.

1. Get the IMEI number

The IMEI number is really a unique number that identifies your phone. You will get this out of your original box or by visiting configurations > about > more information.

2. Mind to AT&T’s Device Unlock Portal

AT&T’s Device Unlock Portal causes it to be very easy to request your unlock code. It asks whether you’re a prepaid, postpaid, or previous customer. You should also provide additional information much like your title, last 4 numbers of SSN, phone number, and current email address. Place the IMEI number you acquired from the initial step, then click submit.

AT&ampT Device Unlock

3. Watch for unlock code

AT&T may require 5 working days to email the unlock code. We’ve got ours by 50 percent days. They’ll see if you satisfy the needs:

  • a present AT&T customer
  • an old AT&T customer who are able to supply the telephone number or account number for that account
  • The AT&T Mobile Phone was created to be used on AT&T’s network.
  • The AT&T Mobile Phone continues to be taken care of entirely.
  • The AT&T Mobile Phone is not reported stolen or lost.

You will find more customer-specific needs listed in the Device Unlock Portal.

4. Enter unlock code

Once AT&T emails the 20-digit unlock code, you are able to come in in your Nokia Lumia 1520 device. Visit the phone dialer system and tap ##7820#. You’re permitted ten tries to place the code before your device permanently locks to AT&T. When unlock code is placed properly, the Lumia 1520 shows an image of the opened up lock.

That’s it! Now you can use Sims using their company compatible wireless services. Have you stick to the steps above? Tell us within the comments if you can to unlock your Lumia 1520! You may also stick to the discussion within our forums where crav4speed finds the Lumia 1520 has become unlockable through AT&T’s portal.

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