Nokia Lumia safer : 5 reasons

Adware and spyware appearing as awesome applications, nasty websites appearing towards the top of your research results, sensitive emails read by spying eyes.

Products full of secrets left inside a taxi or grabbed with a nimble-fingered pickpocket… it is a jungle available within our interconnected world. Fortunately you will find quite simple steps you can take to safeguard your privacy and knowledge on Nokia Lumia. Read this video to determine how!

Our privacy, contacts and content matter a great us, but you will find also security-savvy companies which have selected Home windows Phone 8 his or her OS of preference. Let us take a look at five very compelling explanations why, if this involves security, there is no more sensible choice.

1. Condition-of-the-art device file encryption

The unit file encryption of Home windows Phone 8, when switched on from your company’s IT administrator, covers the entire Nokia Lumia device from the OS to the user data. Which means that your organization can let the automatic file encryption of devices’ internal storage and also have file file encryption start working the moment the telephone is switched on. Attaining unauthorized use of data on WP8 is all about as challenging as hacking into Mission Impossible’s work computer.

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2. Built-in IRM for secure email everywhere

Home windows Phone may be the only smartphone platform which has Information Privileges Management (IRM) built-in. Outlook on Nokia Lumia products has the capacity to deal with privileges-protected email and documents. Consequently, you are able to be assured that the company’s private documents stay private, because they can’t be accidentally submitted for your competitor’s Boss. Most significantly, with built-in IRM, employees can open their time sensitive IRM-protected emails anywhere, whether at work or on the go.

3. Super safe network connectivity

Data synchronization most abundant in popular cloud services like SkyDrive and Office 365, in addition to business servers, for example Exchange and SharePoint, take advantage of the latest SSL 3. secure connection. Consequently, the company applications being able to access individuals cloud or business servers secure all network traffic. With Home windows Phone 8, data on the road is definitely protected, no matter the kind of connection.

4. An application store you can rely on. Always.

Prior to being recognized in to the Home windows Phone Store, every application qualifies and licensed by Microsoft, so (in contrast to many application stores for Android) you are able to accidentally download applications with infections or adware and spyware. Furthermore, each application runs in the own isolated chamber to avoid potentially dangerous interference between applications. For safer surfing, Nokia Lumia products super-secure form of Ie 10 does not support plug-inches and it has real-time anti-phishing filters. All updates to Home windows Phone 8 could be reliable 100%, too, since they’re safely and directly written by Microsoft. Think about everything your organization can perform using the money initially allotted for implementing and looking after anti-virus and anti-adware and spyware programs…

5. Passwords and remote wipe capacity for data protection

To safeguard company data just in case of device loss or thievery, Home windows Phone 8 based mobile phones support complex, alphanumeric lock-screen and energy-on passwords. At the appropriate interval, all data could be remotely easily wiped through the IT department or through the user via Home windows Live or perhaps an Outlook web application, and when the telephone is retrieved, it may be easily restored from the newest backup. A large disappointment to information-hungry crooks, a large bonus to companies.

So, are we convinced you that the company’s secrets are most secure with Home windows Phone 8? Hopefully the reply is yes. And when you’re already utilizing a smartphone running on WP8, make certain you should check off this easy and simple to-do-list:

  • set your device password
  • let the Find My Phone feature, and
  • make sure that the automated backup is switched on.

To stand above the safety game later on, too, make sure to download the standard and free software application updates, for example Lumia Black. Any queries left un-answered? Please provide us with a shout within the section below.

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