Round The Globe in 80 Lumias: Hungary

By most accounts, you will find 196 nations on the planet. Of those, 50 are available in Europe, now we mind to one in the very heart from the region, beautiful Hungary.

Since beginning our All over the world in 80 Lumias adventure, you’ve seen the planet with the eyes of a number of best Nokia Lumia photography enthusiasts around. France’s Olivier Wong-Guy-Kan, Denmark’s Morten Nordstrøm, Northern Ireland’s Patrick Walsh and Australia’s Matt Glastonbury have stunned us using their photos. Our next guide is mobile photography master Dávid Detkó. Before we love his shots of his beautiful country, we requested him a couple of questions regarding his passion for Lumias, photography and also the country of his birth.

Aroundtheworld80Lumias1So, Dávid, how have you enter into photography?

Everything began around 2010 when my compact camera stopped working, and that i didn’t have other products for shooting photos,

just my once phone: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. After plenty of experimentation along with a little trick (take away the back cover) I handled to consider very good photos by using it! Since I Have loved the difficulties of mobile photography and also the recognition involved with developing a well-crafted mobile photo, I made the decision there after I’d display to the world that you could take good photographs without costly cameras.

Over time, I greatly enhanced my technique so my old Nokia was changed by a replacement: Nokia N9. I shared my photos increasingly more on social networking sites, when because of Twitter I arrived to contact with Nokia Connects. Everyone provided the chance to trial a Nokia 808 PureView. Following this I won one particular device thanks to PureViewClub! This past year, I additionally trialled a

Nokia Lumia 820 & Lumia 925, and so i got the chance to become familiar with the great WP8 OS and that i might take newer and more effective stunning photos. And just what about now? Well, I lecture about mobile photography at Nokia home occasions, represent the organization at various occasions, and also have grew to become the official Nokia Ambassador! Because of i take photos with current photography flagship model, Nokia Lumia 1020.

Exactly what do you want best regarding your Nokia Lumia 1020?

Things I like best may be the continuous and dynamic development! It’s under annually which i have used a Nokia Lumia, but throughout this time around it i incredible just how much the machine continues to be developed. Just consider the PureView technology and just how much continues to be put into camera features. I’m searching toward exactly what the future holds.

Whereby Hungary do you love to shoot photos most and why?

Well, I live in the center of Hungary is biggest lowland, so you will find very few natural points of interest in the region: some ponds, rivers, forest, sparsely populated regions, which is all. But maybe that is why we have seen a long Florida sunsets and amazing color on the horizon. Where I am going regularly, Szeged and Budapest, you will find very beautiful historic monuments, structures of a myriad of style and beautiful parks. Since My home is a really small town, the metropolitan bustle and night life is extremely enjoyable for me personally. I really like all of the facets of my little country, because there’s no distance to visit, also it is very varied: you will find flatlands, mountain tops, rivers, actually, there is even the “Hungarian Sea”, the Balaton lake!

What exactly are your three some tips for shooting awesome Lumia photos?

Have patience, walk together with your eyes open and try to dry your lens!










Dávid’s photos not just provide us with a enticing taster of Hungary but a genuine understanding of the photo taking energy in our Nokia Lumias, too. We are large fans of his photos. If you’re, too, make certain you follow him on Instagram. Before you accomplish that, we’d like to hear which of Dávid’s photos you understand the most.

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