See and Listen What You Are Missing With Nokia Lumia Icon

The brand new Nokia Lumia Icon, like its slightly bigger cousin the Nokia Lumia 1520, includes four high-performance digital mics for directional stereo system recording of the subject, making certain you capture the real seem from the moment, while reducing background noise.

Whenever you mix the phone’s Nokia Wealthy Recording audio technology for accurate, distortion-free seem and stereo system recording together with Nokia PureView optics, you’ve got the very best visual & seem quality for your personal videos that’ll be the envy famous your buddies. It is actually recording without compromise.

What’s directional recording?

Directional recording improves the clearness of the tracks by rejecting the sounds outdoors the direction of capture. Quite simply, the sounds while watching camera is going to be recorded in the perfect way.

“Previously, should you wanted audio recording abilities such as this you should purchase a professional camcorder or exterior mics to complete the job. Nokia may be the first company introducing four microphone directional stereo system recording inside a camera phone,” stated Heikki Sassi, mind from the audio technology management team for Lumia.

“Recording top quality audio has not been this straightforward – with directional recording the sounds are obvious and easy to find” Heikki states.

To determine the audio abilities of Nokia Lumia Icon for action, take a look at the way the device was as much as two incredibly noisy muscle cars racing lower a Vegas speedway while still recording very obvious audio.

Nokia Wealthy Recording

The Nokia Wealthy Recording functionality based in the Nokia Lumia Icon (too as with the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520) is dependant on High Amplitude Audio Capture microphones, coupled with Nokia’s condition-of-the-art audio capture calculations and acoustics design to obtain the best tracks possible.

You are able to capture the entire hearing are the cheapest bass towards the greatest treble (ca. 20Hz to twenty KHz in frequency spectrum). The Lumia 1520 and also the Lumia Icon would be the only smartphone microphone solutions which cover this bandwidth in most conditions. Along with other products, “the seem is either altered or bandwidth limited,” Heikki notes.


Consequently, while using the Nokia Lumia Icon you are able to record greater than 6X even louder seem levels than you can with conventional mics.

Simultaneously, individuals four mics will also be employed for such things as advanced noise-decrease in wideband and standard voice calls.

Making the first and foremost four mics

You may question if the four mics built-in towards the Nokia Lumia Icon pose an issue for the way to correctly contain the device. We’ve been assured the mics are situated to ensure that they’re situated in the easiest way feasible for the telephone, and also you won’t unintentionally block all of them with your fingers.

If you wish to feel the amazing sounds you are able to capture while using four directional mics within the Nokia Lumia Icon, browse the application Foundbite, which lets you capture and share the sounds you encounter in another way.

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