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The High-end Nokia Android You’ve Been Waiting for may Actually Launch Soon

The Nokia Android dream is slowly coming to fruition, with the Nokia Normandy (Nokia X) expected to be unveiled at MWC 2014. But that’s not going to be the only Android phone coming from Nokia, or at least whatever will be left of the company once Microsoft grabs its mobile division. A new report from Chinese publication Tech.qq says that multiple Nokia Android devices across a variety of price points are in the making and may be unveiled later this summer. However, specific details about them aren’t available at this time.

Unnamed sources from Artesyn Technologies who are apparently aware of Nokia’s plans said that more Nokia Android handsets may hit stores in May or June, with the Nokia X expected to cost 1500 Yuan (or around $247). The other unknown handsets are reportedly out of beta and may soon receive FCC certification, as work on these devices started well before it was known Microsoft wanted to buy Nokia.

While Nokia may indeed be interested in creating more expensive Android handsets as well, it’s not clear how a high-end Nokia Android devices would look like and whether they’ll be able to compensate the lack of certain Android features that make the OS popular, including access to Google Apps such as the Google Play Store.

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday reported that while a Nokia Android handset is coming at MWC, the phone will run a forked Android OS that won’t have access to Google Apps. Nokia will reportedly replace Google’s Apps with similar solutions of its own including the Here map service, a Nokia app store and MixRadio music. Nokia’s focus with Android phones will still be emerging markets, were such devices may become popular with consumers, especially considering the company’s former position in the handset business in those markets.

Furthermore, Phone Arena points out that Microsoft will get several technologies that can be found on high-end Windows Phone devices made by Nokia including the PureView camera, the HAAC microphone or the ClearBlack displays following the purchase.

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Nokia Android Clad in Windows Phone Clothing – Coming Soon!

lumia-520-front-tiles-clubpenguinRumours that primary Home windows Phone OEM Nokia continues to be two-timing Microsoft by continuing to keep an Android phone project on its backburner happen to be doing the models for some time now. However the WSJ has expected more fuel about this fire, stating sources saying Nokia will unveil an Android-powered device later this month. Read more [...]