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Realistic Thoughts on Nokia’s Android Plans

Chris Davies

It's not hard to get looking forward to the thought of Nokia implementing Android. Since the organization first introduced intends to change from Symbian to Home windows Phone at the begining of 2011, many have asked the knowledge of tossing along with Microsoft and it is distant-third-place platform instead of Google's OS. Without fail, with every new Lumia - may it be the 41-megapixel 1020 or even the phablet-scale 1520 - there is a small but vocal crowd who'll say "I'd purchase it, whether it went Android." Now, having a Nokia-badged Android device thought to become imminent, it's not hard to get looking forward to the business's near-legendary quality and also the versatility from the common software, but let us not succeed of ourselves.

I have been responsible for wanting for any "Nokia + Android" love-in myself. Actually, I'm able to recall telling Nokia's engineers back in the launch of the E7 at the end of 2010 just how much I wanted it had been Android (in those days at v2.2 Froyo) instead of Symbian which was running around the superbly-built aluminum Texting phone. Basically remember appropriately, they nearly handled to prevent moving their eyes at me.

Home windows Phone would be a huge improvement over Symbian, certainly, however that has not stopped the Android longing from tickling the rear of my thoughts as I have examined Lumia products in the last couple of years. It's not hard to view it as getting guaranteed is the silver bullet to Nokia's worries: forget about awaiting Microsoft to the court Home windows Phone designers and fill industry no requirement for Nokia to construct its very own applications to patch within the gaps in functionality.


With Microsoft's purchase of Nokia around the corner completion, you can reason that the OS gamble compensated off: if, that's, the thing is Lumia development being introduced underneath the same umbrella as Home windows Phone like a positive thing. What that leaves, though, is an extremely different segment that could be specific using its Android plans.

Remember Asha? Nokia surprised us using the Asha 501 in May of this past year, a financial budget touch screen phone that guaranteed a lot of the functionality of the smartphone while walking from the spec-treadmill. Nokia's wager was there will be a market - along with a large one - interested in the look connected with Lumia and also the versatility of the touch screen, but reluctant (or not able) to pay for a Home windows Phone.

Microsoft will require Asha too if this grabs Nokia's Wise Products devision, and it is expected is the alternative to current Asha products which should be the beneficiary of the new adopting of Android. Based on the newest chatter, Nokia will go ahead and take open-source areas of Google's software although not google's applications themselves, replacing such things as HERE Maps for Google Maps, and blend Radio for Google Play All Access.

Asha's existing core of the reworked S40 is going to be junked, so we are told, for any heavily-reskinned Android. The resulting OS could even look exactly the same as to the we have seen on newer Asha products, like the 503, pared to focus on low-cost, low-energy chipsets combined with minimal memory but still focusing on a financial budget cost.


The upside to Nokia is the fact that effective designers to port over applications for budget products like Asha will probably be a great deal simpler, since it has the whole Android cohort to focus on. Additionally, it regrettably implies that our hopes for a Lumia 1020 run by KitKat will not become a reality.

There is evidence that the marketplace for low-cost Nokia products is available the ongoing success from the Lumia 520/525 is an indication of that. Despite the fact that the unit known variously as "Normandy" and "Nokia X" is not likely to challenge the Universe S5 or even the LG G Professional 2 expected within the coming days, it may be enough to provide companies some sleep deprived nights in the still-blooming low-finish. Not for free has HTC conceded it dropped the ball by disregarding basic level customers ironically it might be Nokia, not Samsung, Huawei, or ZTE, that sweeps along with Android to take advantage of that omission.

Initially, then, you can argue there's little in Nokia's Android plans for individuals people teasing in the cutting-fringe of mobile phones to obtain looking forward to. Nevertheless, as we have found - to some extent of surprise, maybe - when we have stayed with Asha mobile phone models previously, there is lots to become stated for any small, affordable, lengthy-lasting, flexible little touch screen semi-smartphone. Our residual doubts were around applications, but when Nokia can deal with by using its undercover OS switch-flop, we might have to reconsider before presuming Microsoft will junk Asha beyond control.

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