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Unboxing & Hands on With Inexpensive 1 GB Windows Phone – Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525

Considering Nokia's problem-fixing Lumia 525

This past year, Nokia introduced the Lumia 520, a lost-cost means to fix individuals who would like a Home windows Phone in emerging marketplaces. Because it works out, demand was much greater than anybody anticipated. Nearly annually later and also the 520 is among the best-selling Home windows Phones around. It’s an excellent low-risk method to experience Home windows Phone also it paves the way to greater finish options. But when the Lumia 520 had one flaw, it had been the quantity of RAM.

Home windows Phone 8 can run easily on 512 Megabytes products, however, many greater finish games (and a number of applications) take some good memory optimisation before they are able to run easily. That usually happens, but it will take several weeks following the initial release. Microsoft is confident this can disappear as designers target 512 Megabytes products later on, but until recently, there hasn’t been a minimal-cost 1 GB Lumia to obtain for this problem.

The Lumia 525 fixes that simply by thumping the RAM to at least one GB. Can lightning strike two times for Nokia? Watch my unboxing and first impressions of Nokia's device to discover.

Lumia 525 Specifications

  • Home windows Phone 8 with Update 3 (10517) and Lumia Black
  • 4-inch Insolvency practitioners Liquid crystal display, Sunlight readability, Lumia Color Profile, double-tap to wake
  • 8 GB of internal storage (4.5 GB available), micro SD expansion
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU
  • 5 Mega pixel rear camera, no expensive (no front facing camera)
  • Bluetooth 4. LE
  • 1430 mAh battery

As pointed out above, the Lumia 525 is almost just like the Lumia 520. Nearly. You will find a couple of changes, all of which are for that better:

  • Glossy, interchangeable back covers, rather than matte
  • Double-tap to wake has become available (also around the AT&ampT Lumia 520, although not many more)
  • Display appears slicker to touch

Other notable changes incorporate a non-embossed logo design around the back and a little more recessed side secrets.

Although in writing the products are very similar, I believe the glossy back adds a bit more pizazz towards the Lumia 525, which makes it feel more high-finish. Because of its size, it isn't slippery also it stays within my hands effortlessly. The Lumia 525’s display seems less sticky to make use of when in comparison towards the Lumia 520, and whites really are a tad better.

Lumia 525 camera sample

The Five Mega pixel is unremarkable, however in daylight works quite nicely with pronounced sharpness (see above sample photo). For a beginner phone, customers ought to be pleased.

As I only have spent a couple of hrs using the Lumia 525, my primary impressions are wonderful. Basically needed to choose from it along with a Lumia 520, it’s a simple decision because the former has less limitations onto it for software.

Granted, having the ability to run top end games has its own restrictions too, namely storage, that is still assigned just 8 GB. Presently, Home windows Phone 8 doesn’t allow storage of applications or games towards the storage card, though I’ve heard the 8.1 update – due later this season being an upgrade – will enable this selection. We’ll need to wait and find out though.

I’ll spend a couple of more days using the Lumia 525 and let guess what happens I believe. Although Nokia’s latest device isn’t expected within the United kingdom or US marketplaces, customers can choose to purchase it via online merchants. Such as the Lumia 520 though, if there's enough demand for this, we might see more company pickup later on.

The Lumia 525 is presently available (or visiting) China, India, Vietnam and Singapore. There's additionally a Lumia 526 variant particularly for China Mobile.

Have questions regarding the Lumia 525? Request away in comments or mind to our devoted Lumia 525 forums to do your homework!

Lumia 525 (left) versus Lumia 520 (right)

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4Blend – HDR goodness by Nokia’s Imaging SDK


4Blend is really a new Home windows Phone 8 photography application made to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) images.  The application uses Nokia’s Imaging SDK along with a multi-layer HDR formula to construct the HDR images.  The fundamental HDR effect may be used to improve low-light photos and a number of effects filters may be used to give a little creativeness for your HDR images.

Add voice triggered shutter control, front camera support and manual camera configurations and 4Blend constitutes a nice first impression.

Together with the fundamental HDR filter, 4Blend includes a pleasant assortment of 16 effects filters which includes color boost, cartoon, sketch, lomo, sepia and much more.

4Blend Viewfinder

Manual controls include activating/from the voice instructions, setting the gamma levels, manual focus, and setting the ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation for each one of the three images accustomed to construct your HDR image.

The application will require three images of the identical scene at various exposure levels then mix them into one image which should possess a greater dynamic range.  A stable hands is needed and that will help you minimize camera movement triggered by pressing the shutter button, 4Blend includes a voice command setting which will initiate the photo sequence. 

4Blend HDR Sample

The elements isn’t being too cooperative right now to let's take 4Blend out for any proper try out however in just trying out the Home windows Phone 8 application throughout the house, it can make a pleasant first impression.  When the clouds re-locate and also the rain clears up, we'll take 4Blend out and obtain an evaluation on the website.

4Blend is really a free application that's readily available for Home windows Phone 8 (including 512MB products like the Lumia 520). You are able to get your copy of 4Blend within the Home windows Phone Store.

QR: 4Blend

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