10 Top Giant-Screen Games for Nokia Lumia 1320 and 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1320 and Nokia Lumia 1520 have one factor in keeping both of them pack six-inch shows well suited for pinning more tiles for your Start screen and adding an additional dimension to gaming, because these ten top game titles prove.

GTA: San Andreas – $6.99 / £4.99


Everyone knows Grand Thievery Auto: San Andreas, right? It is among the best-selling games ever, and today taking charge from the roads, and also the local gangs, is simpler around the jumbo-screen Nokia Lumia 1320 or Lumia 1520.

Do not simply take our word for this, look at this five-star user review:

“Simply awesome around the Lumia 1520… frankly any game you experience the 1520 is simply amazing. The dimensions and full-HD screen quality has run out of our planet.”

Wordament – Free


Wordament is a superb game, no matter which device you are using. However, a larger screen causes it to be even simpler to pluck out individuals words from the overall game board.

Faced with a four-by-four power grid of tiles, each one of these that contains instructions (or sometimes more), you have to trace your finger across them to go into detail words as much as you are able to within the two-minute time-frame.

Performed completely online you compete against 1000’s of other gamers concurrently, who’re also locked in to the same game board.

An addictive game in which you will frequently end up muttering, “One more try…”

Halo: Spartan Assault – $6.99 / £5.49


Area of the Halo franchise, Halo: Spartan Assault throws you right into a world filled with combat and survival.

As opposed to the typical first-person-shooter view you are acquainted with in other Halo games, Spartan Assault provides a brand new top-lower view approach, which is fantastic for mobile gaming.

On the bigger screen explosions look more destructive, lasers look extra intense, and also you are less inclined to miss an alien coming on you.

Angry Wild birds Go! – Free


If this involves avian-related games, there’s little much better than Angry Wild birds.

However, as opposed to the usual bird-catapult-pig-face interaction, Angry Wild birds Go! is really a downhill racing game.

Beginning having a standard soapbox vehicle, you can include modifications while you progress with the races to eventually develop a super vehicle even one which flies!

Each Angry Wild birds character includes a special ability that, when used sensibly throughout a race, can help you inside your conquest for to begin with.

Using a larger screen enables for any greater possibility of realizing overpowering competitors, providing you with lots of chance to nudge them taken care of before you decide to steam to victory.

Asphalt 8: Airborne – Free


What is much better than speeding around an online racecourse, carrying out stunts and making it through crashes? Doing the work all on the bigger screen!

Asphalt 8: Airborne puts you within the driving chair of 47 high-performance cars. It utilizes a clever physics engine that provides an event of the items it may be enjoy being driving of one of these simple cars. Straight from your couch, obviously.

Dungeon Hunter 4 – Free


Immerse yourself into an enormous amount of role-play, dungeons and devils, which looks simply glorious on the large-screen Lumia.

Select from four character classes, each having a unique combat style, then fight shoulder to shoulder along with other gamers from around the globe. Play in co-op mode, or come face-to-face with competitors while you showcase your fight abilities in PvP mode.

Just like many RPGs, you kill, you loot, won by you in order to save the dominion hopefully. Let’s start!

Doorways – Free


A unique game only one that, once you begin playing, you will not put lower.

The idea is that this: you are stuck inside a room, the only real exit has gone out with the closed door before you. To be able to open that door you have to first develop a task by fixing hidden mysteries.

Some levels may need you to turn the telephone upside lower, go into the right keyboard combination, or properly match eight pairs of animal cards without you get one wrong. While you would expect, the problem level increases while you progress.

The greater screen space you have got, the greater particulars you’ll notice to accomplish the duties ahead.

Fight Apes – Free


Make a world that is not ruled by humans, but apes (we estimate that will create a good film…). Can’t picture it? No problemo, for this reason Fight Apes was built.

Being probably the most effective primate you have to fight along with other apes to exhibit your strength and dominance.

With three dimensional graphics and multiplayer action, this can be a pleasure to experience on the large-screen Lumia.

Tetris Blitz – Free


A vintage game that’s was the ages. The most recent iteration, Tetris Blitz, is equally as enjoyable as the overall game of old, but comes packed with added extra supplies.

Like before, squeeze falling bricks to stack nicely against other blocks. Whenever a lines are complete, it is bye-bye row! What’s new is the opportunity to collect energy-ups, for example lasers, magnets and time shifting qualities to wash in the board faster.

Watching the colourful blocks, explode whenever you complete an amount, replete with celebratory fireworks look good on the large six-inch screen

Strata – $2.99 / £2.29


This can be a distinctively elegant puzzle game that needs you to definitely overlay coloured laces and ribbons onto a coloured canvas. Unusual-sounding? Yes. Soothing and cathartic? Absolutely.

While you communicate with the screen and squeeze ribbon into position, softly performed piano secrets generate a meditative sense It is superbly done and works very well on the large screen.

Should you have had a Nokia Lumia 1320 or Nokia Lumia 1520, make the most of their super-sized screens and provide many of these games a go “you will not be sorry.”

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