Great Video Experience With Nokia Lumia Icon

Initially, the Nokia Lumia Icon may seem like yet another good looks. Using its bold design and metallic accents, we have an assumed beauty about this.

It should be known, however, the Lumia Icon is really a video giant. Let’s look underneath the hood and find out why is video on Lumia Icon first rate.

Taking the right video

With six ZEISS contacts along with a 20-megapixel camera, the Lumia Icon can shoot still images that can make jaws drop. However, the Nokia Lumia Icon may also shoot full frame 1080p 30 frame-per-second video that may be zoomed in 3x to 720 without any pixel loss.  This coupled with Optical Image Stabilization means your taken videos are vivid, smooth and precise.


Going past the camera capture quality, the Nokia Lumia Icon is breaking ground using its audio capture abilities too. Equipped with four omnidirectional microphones, the Lumia Icon records brilliant full stereo system without any distortion and virtually zero background noise.

Exactly what does this suggest in tangible terms?  Whether you’re recording a discussion between a couple or perhaps a performance in a concert, the audio recorded is precisely the way you remember it.

As one example of the purpose, take a look at the most popular drag race video, which been documented on a Nokia Lumia Icon. Observe how the unit was as much as two incredibly noisy muscle cars racing lower a Vegas speedway while still recording very obvious audio. In the 1:02 mark you are able to click to some comparison video between Nokia Lumia Icon and also the Samsung Universe S4 to determine and listen to the main difference on your own:

A really stunning display

The Nokia Lumia Icon includes a screen that may be sure that your videos look just like possible. Having a 5” HD OLED screen that shows content at 1080p, the visible on the Nokia Lumia absolutely jumps. Actually, the Nokia Lumia Icon’s screen shows a business leading 441 pixels per inch, meaning your video content can come to existence inside your hands on its display.

Because of the very fast quad-core processor, monstrous quantity of RAM and generous on-board storage, you’ll possess the technical capability to produce the best videos you’ve ever endured on mobile.

Also, with applications for example Vine, Instagram and also the YouTube Video Upload application from Nokia, your can hit the internet sites to demonstrate your very obvious videos while you please.

So, now you understand all the video abilities from the Nokia Lumia Icon, how would you apply it?

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