2013 – The Year of Nokia’s Imaging Innovation

2013 was a tremendous year for Nokia innovation particularly in imaging.
We ongoing to build up PureView technology, that first made an appearance this year around the Nokia 808 PureView, by delivering the Nokia Lumia 1020 using its enhanced BSI 41-megapixel sensor captured.

When designing the Lumia 1020, Nokia’s leading imaging experts, Eero Salmelin and Juha Alakarhu combined a higher-resolution sensor using the optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology that first came out around the Nokia Lumia 920. By merging both technologies the Nokia Lumia 1020 has truly set a brand new benchmark on what you can do, and just what is expected, having a cameraphone.

Your camera module utilized on the Lumia 1020 was totally redesigned from previous models and both imaging sensor and OIS were refurbished for any new generation of thinner, sleeker mobile phones – a real task of engineering.

PureView has additionally came out on many other products all year round, like the Nokia Lumia 925, Lumia 928 and Lumia 1520, which offered our oversampling technology at 20 mega pixels..

The enhancements didn’t visit the hardware innovation also came by means of new calculations and clever software.

Nokia Wise mode

Nokia Wise mode was initially introduced in May around the Nokia Lumia 925. It gave budding photography enthusiasts the opportunity to get clever using their photos and make some truly creative shots directly on the telephone.

If you take a number of ten shots inside a short burst, Nokia Wise Camera gave the forces to make use of all, or some, of those photos in a single image.

If somebody blinked in photo, Change Faces will swap the face area with another non-blinked on. You are able to remove passersby in addition to photobombers from the shot by choosing Remove Moving Object it’s like these were never there!
Action Shot allows you to definitely highlight motion and produce each picture together into one shot, developing a unique trail of motion. And when you need to keep your subject still but slowly move the relaxation around the globe, Motion Focus would provide you with the illusion of exactly that while remaining perfectly still.

Nokia Professional mode

As though removing undesirable visitors out of your photos wasn’t enough, Nokia Professional Camera was launched in This summer to alter the overall game once again.

Nokia Professional Camera was created to unlock the entire imaging potential from the Nokia Lumia 1020 also it later grew to become readily available for other Lumia PureView mobile phones, too.

By enabling individuals to take full charge of your camera configurations, Nokia Professional mode simplifies the controls formerly restricted to professionals utilizing a Digital slr.

The characteristics include the opportunity to by hand set the main focus, adjust ISO, shutter speed and exposure.

But by creating this kind of easy interface (UI), on the top from the added functions, the controls can be simply hidden if not being used to allow anybody to produce amazing photos on the smartphone.

Nokia Camera

In October, the highly acclaimed options that come with both Nokia Wise Camera and Nokia Professional Camera merged being only one application Nokia Camera.

Brushing the 2 applications creates a much better photography experience by reduction of the quantity of occasions you may want to switch between two different applications.

Nokia Refocus

Again in October, a brand new imaging application was revealed Nokia Refocus.

Nokia Refocus takes a number of photos since the entire focus range possible in your phone and developing a depth map. It makes sense a photograph that you could interactive with to look for the perfect focus point, once you have taken the shot.

You are able to rework the photo as numerous occasions as you desire and share it for your internet sites where your buddies and family may also adjust the main focus themselves.

DNG support

Getting RAW DNG support for Lumia would be a world’s first, clouding the lines between professional cameras and mobile phones. Having the ability to shoot in RAW enables you to definitely do more together with your images and become more creative. DNG support can be obtained for Lumia 1520 now, and it is visiting Lumia 1020 soon.

Wise self-portrait

In the end electricity costs with imaging within the high-finish, we introduced innovation towards the low-finish with Wise Self-Portrait.

The ‘selfie’ grew to become the term of the season, based on the Oxford Dictionaries, and getting the opportunity to take a high quality one is essential for most people today.

We first saw Wise Self-Portrait around the Nokia 301 in Feb. By using it, you can try the trunk-facing camera and also the phone uses voice prompts to help you towards the perfect selfie by suggesting something similar to left a little, right a little, until, click! Your ideal photo is taken for you personally.

What has been your favorite Nokia imaging innovation this season? Do tell us, within the comments section below.

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