Lumia 1520 ‘Screen Sensitivity’ Bug Fixed by ‘Extra Supplies + Info’ Update

Nokia seems to be an update spree lately without only Lumia Black moving out worldwide (for the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020), but applications and system software too. We have received reviews and also have confirmed that Extra supplies + Info continues to be knocked to a different version.

The most recent form of Extra supplies + Data is Based on the Home windows Phone Store listing, this release brings general bug fixes, that is handy to understand, for anyone who is going through issues anywhere between the knowledge (we are unsure of what’s been addressed). Along with the change log, here is a comparison between your old (left) and new (right) Extra supplies + Info screens.

​You’ll spot the new listing for Glance PinBoards App Agent on version 1..1.6, while Firmware Update Notifier, Nokia SpamFilter and SMS vCard Receiver happen to be up-to-date to at least one..1.11, and correspondingly.

You should check for updates by using this store link or even the QR code below. Observe that the application belongs to the Nokia experience and it is not available for Home windows Phones using their company OEMs. Because of everybody who expected us!

We’ve noted previously that regardless of the Lumia 1520 being our favorite Lumias up to now, like everything in the realm of technology it had a couple of nits that bothered us.

Certainly one of individuals was the frequently reported ‘screen sensitivity’ complaint, where scrolling using the display would frequently create a tap. Think about scrolling using your emails and rather than scrolling lower, you open a note up unintended. Another example could be on 6tag, the double-tap to love feature from the application could be triggered when just swiping through photos.

We’re obtaining a couple of reviews that today’s Extra supplies + Info update has basically fixed this issue. On the Lumia 1520, we must admit it does appear to become better. Others, however, aren’t so convinced.

Nokia did react to user complaints in their help forum, observing that the over-the-air software update was because of fix the problem in The month of January:

“Hi, We’re focusing on it. Problem is going to be fixed using the new SW release available within the air throughout The month of January 3rd or fourth week. Sorry for that inconvenience…”

Software updates imply such things as Extra supplies + Info rather than more drastic firmware changes, which may require company approval. Could today’s update happen to be the main one? We’re trying to discover, however with CES overall also it being late on the Friday, we’ll need to wait to verify.

Perhaps you have observed a noticeable difference in your Lumia 1520? Seem off in comments.

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