Round the Globe in 80 Lumias: Australia

Craig Gibb, of rock stories the Bee Gees, stated of his adopted country “leaving Australia was the toughest factor I’ve ever done.”
Should you have ever endured the pleasure of going to Here you will realize why. Otherwise then our latest stop over on the photo taking world tour provides you with a sensational insight. Since starting All over the world in 80 Lumias you’ve seen the planet with the eyes of a number of best Nokia Lumia photography enthusiasts around. France’s Olivier Wong-Guy-Kan, Denmark’s Morten Nordstrøm and Northern Ireland’s Patrick Walsh have shared their look at their nations. Now we experience hosting Nokia Lumia 1020 maestro, Matt Glastonbury.

So, Matt, how have you enter into photography?

My dad would be a digital photographer within my early years so possibly that is where a few of the influence originated from. Then later I analyzed film photography like a subject in graphics school in the 90’s. I’ve always loved capturing and researching light and composition my existence. Ultimately I had been quite lazy so anything I’m able to do to produce a thing of beauty without needing to illustrate for several days would be a impression for me personally.

MattGlastonburyI usually like taking with any camera and love challenging of creating something with whatever tools you’ve on-hands. It was not until I discovered Google and Instagram a few years ago which i discovered intriguing types of photography through using my phone. The difficulties that Mobile Photography posed have heavily affected me today with techniques Irrrve never expected, and so I am now taking pleasure in fusing SLR and Mobile styles both my Nokia and Nikon cameras.

Exactly what do you want best regarding your Nokia Lumia 1020?

The liberty to produce and compose the shots in the manner I have wanted these to be produced on the mobile phone for several years. I’ve anxiously waited for manual controls through five iterations from the apple iphone, simply to discover from testers which have been requesting manual controls that there’s not going to be any use of manual ISO, shutter speeds or focus. After I saw the 1020 had precisely what I have been waiting such a long time for, I set my goals on acquiring one. Since running the Lumia as my primary camera for Instagram I have been really impressed with the standard that has assisted me take my mobile shooting to a different level. I am super excited to become shooting in RAW soon and searching toward the improvements to software that 2014 brings.

Whereby Australia do you love to shoot photos most and why?

I enjoy shoot any place in Australia, I am always searching for variety, however I am particularly deeply in love with the randomness of sunshine on water and what you could create with the insights. I additionally like to capture the wonder I see in character like, beaches, waterfalls, plants, creatures, atmosphere, mountain tops and water.. i adore water? Australia has incredibly contrasting landscapes and areas that may be greatly not the same as one another also it is that originality which i enjoy and for that reason love taking and discussing on social platforms.





Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 22.39.49





We believe each one of these shots are stunning, but that are you most astounded by? Tell us within the comments here.

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