Round The Globe in 80 Lumias: Finland

The Finnish possess a saying “All that stands out isn’t gold, neither is all silver that gleams.” Although this is true in many conditions, it is definitely not the situation whenever you place a Nokia Lumia into Antti Tassberg’s hands.

This Espoo-based digital photographer comes with an amazing talent to make the everyday shine and also the mundane gleam. It is this skill which makes him the right person to showcase Finland on the photo taking world tour, All over the world in 80 Lumias. Before we take a look at his beautiful photos of the country clearly not far from our hearts, we requested Antti a couple of questions regarding photography, Finland and the Nokia Lumia romance.

So, Antti, how have you enter into photography?WP_201401

The very first time I partipated inside a photography training program was throughout the late 70s. In those days I only required a couple of pictures. About ten years later I invested to my first SLR and began to shoot a little more however the processing I left for film labs. I mainly required photos of my hobbies or perhaps in various occasions or after i was traveling. After moving to digital and particularly after switching to RAW my photography really began to build up. I required more pictures, edited a great deal and shared my pictures on the web. I attempted several photo discussing services until I became a member of Flickr.  It had been after many years of photography which i discovered black and whitened photography, that has since become my personal favorite format especially throughout winter.

Then your Nokia 808 PureView showed up.

That little device required me unexpectedly and transformed my photography. Since that time I have transported a camera wherever I am going. I loved the look quality and also the manual controls and that i really loved the on-camera B&Ws I possibly could create. The Nokia Lumia 1020 I have had since the first day. It is my present day-to-day companion, that we use alongside my Digital slr.

Exactly what do you want best regarding your Nokia Lumia 1020?

The very best parts are Nokia Camera’s manual controls and simple accessibility interface. I truly value the wide exposure time range. That stretches the cameras options considerably. The chance to shoot in RAW constitutes a large difference for me personally, too. I like editing and RAW provides me with the very best beginning point. And also the grip. I adore Let grip? It is my personal favorite accessory. I am searching forward for which Nokia Lumia phones brings alongside photography enthusiasts.

Whereby Finland do you love to shoot photos most and why?

I’ve got a camera or two beside me whereever I am going. I love to capture scenery or occasions I have not experienced before. I frequently choose angles that aren’t probably the most apparent ones or simplest to capture. I additionally try to accept most out of the growing season. Round the area I live there is lots of shooting possibilities too. However, there’s one activity I enjoy capture most importantly else which is sailing. Whether or not this is holiday sailing or perhaps a regatta, I really like attempting to capture the sensation.

What exactly are your three some tips for shooting awesome Lumia photos?

Experiment. Shoot a great deal, try different exposures and learn. Study the way your Nokia Lumia can be cultivated your photography.

Hot-Air Balloon

What a winter! Ice skating tracks are flooding

V&#xe5gspel at Champagne Regatta

Sunset at Westend


Alpine Ibex and Helsinki

outdoor pool

Night Photographer

Wintry marina at night

Ice fishers

As someone lucky enough to get reside in Finland (who also attempts to capture its beauty), I’m able to totally recognize how wonderful all these photos are. So much in fact, it is very hard to choose a popular. But how about you? Which of Antti’ super Suomi works of art provides you with probably the most pleasure? Tell us within the comments below.

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